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Vahshi Bafqi's House

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City : Bafq
Address : Next to Jame Mosque of Bafq, Bafq, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 7 - 14
Visiting days : By appointment

The house of a poet from Yazd, Vahshi Bafqi

The house known as Vahshi Bafqi's House is a small adobe house with the area of 120 square meters which was built in a quadrilateral shape with 7 rooms. Its big porch has given the house an amazing display. 
There is a basement under the whole building. It should be said that the basement under the east side of the house used to be a place in which water ran in the old times and it was used as a cool place in the hot summers. 

Vahshi Bafqi's House

The owner of Vahshi Bafqi's House

Let's know the owner of this old house; Kamaloddin Mohammad Vahshi Bafqi, an iranian passionate and elegant poet of 10th century AH whose odes, sonnets, couplets, and composite-ties are well-known and sweet. He was born in 893 century AH in Bafgh. This famous poet is one of the poets whose sonnets have become an inseparable part of the sweet Persian literature. Vahshi Bafqi was an isolated man and loved his own place more than anywhere else. He really loved romantic sonnets. He lived in a house of bricks and mud and recited from the bottom of heart:
It's the only real house in this alley and it is no place for crazy visitors. 
I have built this house with my own desire that is appropriate for its own residents.

He passed away in 961 A.H.S and was buried in Imam Khomeini Street against Shahzadeh Fazel's Shrine. At the time being, his tomb is destroyed though.

Vahshi Bafqi's House

Current location of Vahshi Bafqi's House

Vahshi Bafqi's house is used as a museum and when visiting this valuable museum, visitors not only enjoy hearing Vahshi Bafqi's poems, but also they can learn about people's traditions and lifestyles at different historical periods. The current location of Vahshi Bafqi's House is next to great Jameh Mosque of Bafq .
Vahshi Bafqi's house was registered in Iran National Monuments with registration no.14038.

Vahshi Bafqi's House
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