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Majd Al Olama House in Ardakan

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City : Ardakan
Address : Charkhab Neighborhood, Ardakan
Type of attractions : Historical

History of Majd Al Olama House in Ardakan

Majd Al Olama House in Ardakan is a historical house belonging to the Qajar era which is located in the heart of the historical texture of the Charkhab neighborhood in the old city of Ardakan.

Charkhab Historical Neighborhood in Ardakan

Generally, historical houses in Charkhab neighborhood consists of four old houses: Ansari House, Majd Al Olama House, Ziaee House and Sanaie House which are considered as the historical monuments of Ardakan and are located in a special alley which is guarded (the kind of the alleys are called Darband). The whole alley is called Darband e Majd Al Olama.

Restoration of Majd Al-Olama House

Due to its importance and attractiveness, The Sarvari House (Majd al Olama House) was restored by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of the province.
Some of the actions done on this house include removing the old and worn layer of cob off the walls, filling all holes on walls, sticking new layer of plaster and stucco on the walls. The best was done to repair this valuable house completely and in a good condition. The best kind of materials were used, the badgir was made stronger, and the mud brick wall at the back of the badgir was restored.
Majd Al Olama House of Ardakan was registered on March 24, 2004 with a registration number 11628 as a National Iranian Monument.
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