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Khane Pedari Mansion (Abolghasem Rooheni 's House)

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City : Yazd
Address : Lard-e Keyvan Neighborhood, Next to Fire Station, Hoseiniye Alley, Seyed Gol-e Sorkh St., Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 9:30 - 1 a.m.

Let’s visit Khane Pedari Mansion of Yazd, an old and very beautiful mansion built by one of the famous aristocrats and merchants of Yazd in the late Safavid period.
We pass through the narrow and historic alleys of the Lard-e Keyvan neighborhood to reach Khane Pedari Mansion.

Khane Pedari Mansion ( Abolghasem Rooheni 's House )

Architecture of Khane Pedari Mansion

We enter the big and attractive courtyard of this mansion . The plaster molding and the unique mirror works of this house makes us admire it.
Let’s call on Payab (water passage way) of the house . We step down, step by step, and think of how the people of the house went down the stairs one by one to take the water they needed. Interestingly, the narrow and dark tunnels excavated for qanats are still open. Once upon a time, Nasr Abad Qanat water passed through his this part of Khane Pedari Mansion .
Exiting the payab, we walk through the corridors to various five - door and three - door rooms (Sedari and Panjdari), large halls with several badgirs (wind towers), large basements, and the springhouse of this mansion . We cannot help looking at the splendid ceilings and the walls wondering what great artists and architects who have decorated such an elegant building with such charming moldings and paintings in the most beautiful form possible!
The area of this house is approximately 1500 square meters. Spend enough time and visit each and every section of this mansion.

Khane Pedari Mansion ( Abolghasem Rooheni 's House )

Khane Pedari Restaurant

In the vestibule of this house, the modernity shows itself. This old mansion has been converted into Khane Pedari Restaurant hosting tourists and visitors.

Khane Pedari Mansion is located in Lard-e Keyvan neighborhood in Seyed Gol-e sorkh Street.

Khane Pedari Mansion was registered in Iran National Monuments in 2003 with registration No. 9134.

Khane Pedari Mansion ( Abolghasem Rooheni 's House )

For more information about Khane Pedari Mansion (Khane Pedari Restaurant), please contact Raadina Support.

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