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Taft Observatory

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City : Taft
Address : Islamic Azad University of Taft, Taft
Type of attractions : Scientific - Educational
Servicing hours : 19:00 - 21:00
Visiting days : Every day

Taft, A City for Star Observation

Since Yazd is a desert city, its sky has always been a starry sky that used to be a guide for traveler in the past and now it is where visitors can enjoy the star and galaxy observation. 

The stars and the science of astronomy also had a special importance in Islam for sighting of the first crescent of the lunar months, the determination of the direction of the Qiblah, the time of marriage, purchase and sale, and etc. Also, Muslims have always been encouraged to understand and appreciate the greatness of the heavens, because it is a sign of the existence of the Creator for those who think.

Taft Observatory

Why and How Was Taft Observatory Made at Islamic Azad University?

Today, the number of amateur astronomers and enthusiasts is highly increasing. Therefore, in 2003, the Islamic Azad University of Taft decided to launch the country's largest observatory, educational and administrative buildings, hold the astronomy classes in Taft. Therefore, an area of 40 hectares in Taft Azad University was allocated to the observatory. Another important reason for choosing this location was that it is the highest spot of Yazd province.

Taft Observatory

Since Taft is located on a foothill region with no optical pollution and has an appropriate horizon as well as access to utilities such as water, electricity, the Internet, etc., it was considered a great option for establishment of the observatory. 

Taft Observatory is a 500-square-meter building in Taft. It is a one- floor building, in the upper part of which there is a moving dome with a diameter of 7 meters. This moving dome which is the observatory dome is the home for the main telescope of the observatory. 

The process of observing planets and stars is done in three parts and visiting each part takes about half an hour.  

Taft Observatory

Objectives of Taft Observatory

Taft University Observatory has many scientific and cultural objectives, some of them are:

- Promoting astronomy in society, especially in Yazd by holding promotional programs such as the International Astronomical Day, World Space Week, etc.;

- Conducting researches in the field of aerospace and astronomy, as well as attracting active researchers in this field

- Providing true and accurate education for the scientific community with the establishment of Astronomy School;

- Doing activities in the field of Astro tourism (astronomical tourism).

Equipment of Taft Observatory

The Observatory of Taft Azad University owns unique scientific equipment that includes:

Taft Observatory


Taft Observatory has 4 telescopes, one of them, i.e.  the main telescope in the observatory, is the largest telescope in Iran with a weight of 68 kg. This is a mirror, full-automatic telescope with the length of 25 inch and a maximum magnification of 1250 times capable of revealing stars up to 15 magnitudes. This large telescope is made by the acclaimed US Obsession Company.

Taft Observatory

The second telescope existing in this observatory is a 190-mm Stroboscope telescope by Mac-Touch Newton with a smart tropical deployment.

The third telescope in the observatory is a 120-mm telescope with an auto-searcher and CMOS camera.

The fourth telescope is a 10-inch telescope with a maximum magnification of 500x magnification.

Taft Observatory


Taft Observatory also has 2 cameras, including a binoculars 20 by 80 and 15 by 70 with tripods and a green laser used for teaching objects and constellations and astronomical Astro camcorder.

Taft Observatory

 Astronomical and Aerospace Specialist Library

Another part of the Observatory of Islamic Azad University of Taft is the Astronomy and Aerospace Library having thousands of specialized books, magazines, and articles published in the field of astronomy.

Taft Observatory

Additionally, this specialized library includes a variety of astronomical manuscripts, instruments and equipment to be introduced to and used by those interested in astronomy which donated by one of the local benefactors, Mr. Habib Mehrnia, to the Observatory of Islamic Azad University of Taft.


The Taft Observatory's planetarium has the capability to observe clearly the stars and celestial objects including the sun, the moon, planets and some of their moons, constellations, dwarves, celestial equator, observer's meridian, circle of earthenware, etc.

Taft Observatory

Accommodation and Recreation Complex

The Taft Observatory also has a well-appointed recreation center. The facilities of which include:

  •  A guesthouse for night accommodation of the observers equipped with 20 suites and 2 rooms;
  •  Administrative and educational buildings, workshops and laboratories;
  •  A restaurant, a sport ground, a conference hall and etc.;
  •  Multiple equipped offices designed for experts;
  •  Astronomical Instrument Store;
  •  A student dormitory;
  •  A library;
  •  A mosque.
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