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City : Yazd
Address : West Paknejad Blvd., Yazd
Servicing hours : 17:30-00:00

Taak Café is located on the Paknejad Boulevard and it is managed by Mr. Akhoundzadeh. Café Taak was opened in 2008 with the capacity of 100 seats and serves its guests and costumers every day by well-behaved and professional staff.
In this modern-designed café, you can order from a wide range of fast food, burgers, Kentucky, delicious desserts and cold and hot drinks. The friendly atmosphere of Café Taak provides an unforgettable experience for you which you will decide to go there again. 
Taak Café is open every day from 5 p.m. to midnight. However, if you are going there in a group, you are recommended to reserve a table before going as it is popular among the local people. Moreover, to have a lovely well-disciplined birthday party, etc., have Café Taak in your mind as a perfect choice.  


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