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City : Yazd
Address : Qiam St., Yazd
Servicing hours : 6:00-16:00

Panahande Cafe in Yazd was opened in 1944 by Mr. Panahande as its founder and manager. Panahande Café which is also known as Panahande Restaurant is located on Qiam Street in the old part of Yazd. With an experience of seventy years of popularity, this cafe attracts a large number of locals and travelers daily who are highly recommended to taste traditional Persian cuisines specially Adasi (Lentil Soup) not only for breakfast but also for lunch. Although the café has the capacity of 80 seats, if you go there for breakfast in the morning, you can see a lot of people the number of who is much higher than 80.

Panahande Cafe

Panahande Cafe is also one of the most popular cafes among tourists due to its location in the Panje Ali Bazaar in the old part of the city, the traditional interior design and the delicious taste of the cuisines such as Koofteh (Meatballs), Omelet, Mirza Ghassemi (kind of tandoori or grilled eggplant), and specially its well-known Adasi.

Panahande Cafe

The proximity of Panahande Restaurant to Khan complex creates a great opportunity to have a bowl of Adasi, fresh bread and herbs after an excursion in the traditional bazaars around. Also, if you are staying in traditional hotels such as the Antique Malek o Tojjar Hotel, Khan-e Dohad Hotel, Fazeli Hotel which are located near this cafe, do not miss a meal in the Panahande Cafe.

Recently, a new branch of Panahande Café has been opened in the more modern part of the city. The second branch of Panahande Café is across from Refah Bank, Daneshgah Blvd., Safaieh District.

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