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Ateshkade (Fire Temple)

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City : Yazd
Address : Ateshkade Alley, Kashani St, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Visiting days : Weekdays
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : IRR 1,000,000

 A fire temple in Zoroastrianism is the place for worshiping God. Since in Zoroastrianism, fire and water are considered agents of ritual purity, in a fire temple, a holy fire burns. Yazd as the current center of Zoroastrianism in Iran homes many Zoroastrian sites. Let's visit one of the most visited attractions in Yazd, Bahram or Varhoram Fire Temple .

The Architecture of Ateshkade (Fire Temple)

Having bought the ticket, we can enter Ateshkade which includes a main building and a wooded courtyard. Passing along a large oval pool located right opposite the building, and going up eight stairs, we can go into the main building. It is interesting to know that the bottom of the pool is covered with the coins that visitors have dropped into it. Zoroastrians believe that throwing coins in the pool can make their wishes become true.

The Architecture of Ateshkade
Faravahar image and stone pilasters has denoted a unique beauty to the building. Interestingly, these pilasters and flowered stones on the wall were made by Isfahani artists in Isfahan and then were carried to Yazd. However, the tiles consisting Faravahar image above the entrance were made by Yazdi artists.

The Architecture of Ateshkade
The building was built in Pahlavi I period in 1313 SH by efforts of Zoroastrians in Yazd and Persians in India under supervision of Arbab Jamshid Amanat.
One of the characteristics of this fire temple is that it was built just next to water and its architecture was affected by architecture of Persian fire temples.

The Architecture of Ateshkade

An Eternal Flame in Atashkadeh

Let's enter the main building where the holy flame is kept. We can look at the images of Zoroaster and the statements of the holy Avesta decorating the walls. In the middle of the hall, the flame is visible through a window.
The flame is kept in a large bronze container in a glass case above the ground. The reason for keeping the fire in a glass case is to keep it away from people's breath to remain pure. A man entitles " Hirbod " is in charge of keeping the flame burning.

The Architecture of Ateshkade

The fire is also said to be burning for more than 1500 years. It is said that the holy fire was transferred from Karian Fire Temple to a fire temple in Aqda where it was kept burning for 700 years. Later the fire was transferred to Ardakan Fire Temple and was kept there for 300 years. Finally, when the Yazd Atashkadeh was built, the flame was transferred here and since then it has been burning here.

There are also some rooms special for praying around the flame where only Zoroastrians are allowed to walk in. 

Ateshkade was registered in Iran National Monuments on September 13, 1999 with registration No. 2431.

Ateshkade is open every week day in the morning and afternoon.

For more information about Ateshkade, please contact Raadina Support.

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