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Imam Zadeh Jafar

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City : Yazd
Address : Imam Zadeh Jafar Blvd., Yazd
Type of attractions : Religious
Visiting Hours : 7:00 - 19:00
Visiting days : Every day
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : رایگان

Imam Zadeh Jafar holy shrine ( known as Imam Zadeh Jafar ) includes tomb of Imam Zadeh Jafar .
Imam Zadeh Jafar shrine is located in Imam Zadeh Jafar Blvd. in the center of the city.

Imam Zadeh Jafar

About Imam Zadeh Jafar

Imam Zadeh " Abu Jafar Ibn Ali " titled as Qasem is known as Imam Zadeh Jafar . He is one of the grandsons of Ali al- Arizi who was the youngest son of Imam Sadeq.
Imam Zadeh Jafar , have settled in Yazd, applied for a job in a blacksmith's in Hoseinian alley and started working there. One night the ruler of Yazd dreamed of Prophet Muhammad telling him to look after one of his grandsons settling in Yazd. Woken up, he looked for that person finding no one. Once again he dreamed same but knowing where Imam Zadeh worked. In the early morning, he could find Imam Zadeh and later he married his daughter to Imam Zadeh . 
Some of Imam Zadeh Jafar's grandsons are Imam Zadeh Sayyed Taj al- Din Jafar (died in 600 A.H.), Sayyed Roknaddin (died in 772 A.H.), and Sayyed Shams al- Din (died in 773 A.H.). 

Imam Zadeh Jafar

Miracles of Imam Zadeh Jafar

There is a story about Imam Zadeh Jafar in all historical books written about Imam Zadeh. It is written that once an angry wild lion entered the city. People were very frightened and asked Imam Zadeh for help. As soon as the lion saw Imam Zadeh, he calmed down and after a few days he died. He was coffined and buried by Imam Zadeh. It is also written that Imam Zadeh Jafar was later buried (424 A.H.) next to the lion according to his will.   

Imam Zadeh Jafar was registered in Iran National Monuments on April 11, 2008 with registration No. 2320.

Imam Zadeh Jafar

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