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Imamzade Abdollah of Bafq

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City : Bafq
Address : Bafq
Type of attractions : Religious
Visiting days : Every day
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : رایگان

Beautiful and shining dome of Imamzade Abdollah shrine of Bafq, like its very magical exiextence, is an excuse for attracting the faithful and belivers of this shrine to this desert city.
Imamzade Abdollah Shrine is located in Bafq, Yazd. 

Imamzade Abdollah of Bafq

About Imamzade Abdollah Shrine of Bafq

Based on the poems installed on the top of the monument, this shrine belongs to Abdollah-Ibn-Mousa (PBUH) known as Zahireddin which in people's colloquial language is known with this title but there is no evidence that Abdollah-Ibn-Mousa, the exact son of the seventh imam, is buried in Bafq. Because Zahireddin title has just been widespread and used for the sayyids among the generation of Imam Sadegh (PBUH) and this title has been given to this monument since Safavid dynasty. 

Imamzade Abdollah of Bafq

The Architecture of Imamzade Abdollah Shrine

The construction of this monument belongs to the fifth century AH. Inner decorations are among the Molla Hassan Naghash Bashi Bafghi's works of art and the paintings inside the dome indicates the mithraist style and thought. Because of the mirror decorations, unfortunately the paintings inside the dome have neen destroyed but their illustrations have been published in the Yazd Memorial book. 
The ceiling of the construction has been muqarnas tiled. The parapets and corners under the dome has colorations and drawings and the wall against the adytum of the kiblah has elegant fillets decorated with Quran verses and other phrases. 
The circular shape of the dome of Imamzade Abdollah shrine of Bafq is architecturally unique in the world. 

The building and type of architecture, inside and outside decorations, and the presence of great people's tombs belonging to the 6th century AH show the dignity of Imamzade among people. The presence of the glorious dome and other related buildings increases the importance of this monuments.

From point of view of construction style, dome, and tiling, Imamzade Abdollah of Bafq is considered as one of the most historic and spectacular relics between Yazd and Kerman. 

Imamzade Abdollah of Bafq
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