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Jenok Ab Anbar ( Water Reservoir )

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City : Yazd
Address : Behind Jame Mosque, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical

It is not absolutely clear why this place was called Jenok. In yazdi dialect, jenok literally means small jinn. Maybe in the eyes of those days residents of Yazd, there were some jinns in Jenok Ab Anbar ( water reservoir ). This monument is located behind Jameh Mosque of Yazd and it is exactly against the north-west entrance of the mosque.

Jenok Ab Anbar, the oldest ab anbar in Yazd 

Based on the writings on its inscription, Jenok is the oldest historic ab anbar (water reservoir) in Yazd which was built and endowed to people of the oldest neighborhood of Yazd- Jame Mosque neighborhood was the central part in Yazd at that time- in 878 AH, in Teimouri era by a benefactor called Lotfollah. 

Jenok Ab Anbar is one of the 100 water reservoirs that used Vahf- Abad Qanat, the oldest qanat in Yazd.

jenok ab anbar yazd

The architecture of Jenok Ab Anbar in Yazd

Jenok Ab Anbar ( water reservoir ) includes 25 stairs with a stairway of 40.1 m width and without any staircases. Its repository is circular and it is the only mono-badgir building of Yazd.
Its badgir has holes just on two sides. This building has an entrance and a faucet. Materials used in that consists of bricks, mortar, and mud. As it seems the repository probably had a semi-sphere ceiling which was destroyed then and in recent years a house has been built on it and a small badgir has been built in the north-west part of the house. Now this builing is getting destroyed.

Jenok Ab Anbar

This poem is written on the installed stone inscription in Ab-anbar:
Lotfollah who is the glory and proof of this era built this monument with the help of fortune.
It’s a building that the water of youth spring comes out of it with kindness and light.
Looking for the time it was built, and the best date was the building time.

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