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Dosar Cave

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City : Mehriz
Address : Kalmand Protected Area, Mehriz, Yazd
Type of attractions : Natural
Visiting days : Official permission required

Yazd is rich in having lots of historical and natural attractions, most of which have been discovered and are regarded as the tourist destinations of this city. On the other hand, there are a number of attractions which have been recently discovered. One of the most amazing natural attractions in Yazd is Dosar Cave, also known as Ghar-e-Dosar, which has been recently discovered. This cave, which is the largest underground cave room in Iran and the fourth largest cave room in the world, is considered one of the most dreadful caves in Iran and has attracted the attention of a large number of researchers and explorers.


Where Is Dosar Cave Located?  

Dosar Cave or Ghar-e-Dosar is located in Kalmand Protected Area, about 85 km from Yazd. Having driven about 60 km in Mehriz Road, we reach a detour dirt road located on the opposite side of the dirt road of Chah Morti Farm. We drive forward for about 4 km in the mentioned detour road and then a parking lot will appear. Now, it is the time to walk a gentle slope for 3.5 km to see the mouth of the Dosar Cave .


Why Was the Cave Named Dosar?

The exact reason for naming this Cave as Dosar is not clear; However, various reasons have been mentioned for it, including:

  • being located between two peaks;
  • presence of two large stones at the top of the cave mouth;
  • Taking the name of the cave from the name of Dosar Mountain (which is a stronger possibility).


About Ghar-e-Dosar 

Ghare-e-Dosar in Mehriz, which sometimes is mistakenly known by Pashoom Cave, in addition to being the largest cave room in Iran, has also gained worldwide fame and it is ranked as the fourth largest cave room in the world after the caves in Malaysia, China, and Spain.

Actually, it should be noted that the amazing Cave of Pashoom is not yet well-known, but it has the potential of becoming one of the research hubs in the near future.


How Was Ghar-e-Dosar Discovered?

In 2012, a man named Fath Ali Heydari noticed a vertical cave opening near the city of Mehriz. According to sources, he raised the issue with the Yazd Climbing Club. Therefore, some parts of the cave's opening were dug and 100 meters of the cave was discovered. But due to lack of facilities and knowledge, the excavations by a professional team were postponed. After the news broke, the researchers with the help of a team of experts with full equipment set out for the cave and became able to enter it.


Climbing Dosar Cave

Of course, in order to climb the Dosar Cave and see its features, it is necessary for the climbers and visitors to get some information about the cave before starting their adventure toward this wonderful natural attraction:

  • On the way to the Dosar Cave, there is an ab anbar (water reservoir) and a place for keeping sheep herds;
  • As you enter the cave, you will reach a well with a depth of 19 meters, a number of stairs, and a 70-degree slope. Then, the path will change into a waterway and another 80-meter-deep well reappears. In the lower part of the second well, there is a large hall which has created a plain-like area;
  • The cave, with an area of 81,500 square meters and a depth of 130 meters, is located 1900 meters above sea level. The oval hall in Ghar-e-Dosar is 385 meters long, 265 meters wide, and 70 meters high. It is worth noting that this underground cave hall is as large as the size of two big planes;
  • On the floor, large and small stone pieces can be seen which indicate the minor roof collapse of the cave;
  • In Ghar-e-Dosar, a variety of animals and animal remains have been observed including a large number of pigeons in the first well, a number of moths and bats in the second well, and a kind of black beetle and sometimes the skeletons of pigeons on the cave floor. Some sources report that a large number of bats live in this cave whom sometimes block the way for the climbers and visitors.


Tips for Visiting Dosar Cave

In order to visit any natural attraction, it is necessary to follow some basic points. Here are a few tips that the visitors should keep in mind while climbing and visiting the Pashoom Cave:

  • The cave is located in an environmental protected area, and the visitors must make the necessary arrangements with the authorities in charge before starting the trip;
  • Since the cave is newly discovered, it is not still equipped with special welfare facilities and does not provide enough safety. Therefore, the climbers should observe caution and definitely visit Dosar Cave accompanied by a specialized guide;
  • In order to climb this mysterious cave, the climbers and cavers are advised to be equipped with SRT;
  • Watching this fascinating natural phenomenon poses potential dangers to unprofessional climbers;
  • According to available evidence and due to the possibility of roof collapsing, the visitors should seriously avoid making loud noises;
  • The rocks on the floor of the cave are stacked on each other unsafely and the climbers must be extremely careful while crossing them.


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