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Travel to Iran in Muharram & Experience Ashura in Yazd

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Travel to Iran in Muharram and experience Ashura Rituals in Yazd where you can visit this historical city as well as get to know and participate in local ceremonies such as chestbeating, Ashura Carnivals, Ta’zieh (a theatrical re-enactment of the Battle of Karbala between Imam Hussain and his followers and Yazid I army in which Imam Hussain and his followers were martyred and the surviving members were taken captive by the army), and charity cooking (usually a kind of local soup called Ash-e Gandom, wheat soup, that is not cooked in kitchens but in the streets and is made by the people themselves), and Nakhl Gardani (click on the link to read completely about this special ceremony). 


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Yazd Start your day with a visit to the old city of Yazd (UNESCO World Heritage Site) where you can wander in the maze of narrow alleys called Ashti Konoon. Walk in the old city and while enjoying the combination of history, art and architecture, head to visit some sites such as Art House; from where you can view the whole old city; the great Jame Mosque of Yazd, and Amir Chakhmaq Complex; these two masterpieces of architecture will amaze you by the beauty of Persian- Islamic art, glory and majesty. Have lunch and rest for a while. In the afternoon, you will go to watch the cooking ceremony in which you can participate and feel the ceremony as a local. It should be mentioned that cooking is a traditional ceremony for making a local soup called Ash-e Gandom (wheat soup) which is not practiced in a kitchen but in the street participated by locals. Having experienced this ceremony, head to Khavidak, a village near Yazd where special mourning ceremonies are held to honor the night before Ashura. Overnight stay at the hotel in Yazd.

Ashkezar - Yazd Yazd and the towns and villages around are famous for special Ashural Rituals. One of the towns around Yazd where Ashura Rituals are held is Ashkezar, around 20 Km away from Yazd. So in the morning of Ashura, leave Yazd to Ashkezar to watch the majestic Ashura Rituals in the great Mosque of the town. The rituals include groups of mourners performing chestbeating, Ta’zieh, battle carnivals and most prominently Nakhl Gardani (special to Yazd). The ceremony will continue till 5 p.m. After having a rest for a few hours in the hotel, get ready to attend Sham-e Ghariban ceremony held in Shahzade Fazel Shrine. Sham-e Ghariban is a ceremony to sympathize with the surviving members of Imam Hussein’s family and followers who were taken captive at the night of Ashura. Overnight stay at the hotel in Yazd.

Yazd Free day. It is recommended to go to the bazaar and buy traditional souvenirs of Yazd such as local sweets like Baklava, Qottab, etc. as well as traditional cloth of Yazd named Termeh.

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