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Explore Iran Natural Beauties in 14 Days

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Have a trip to Iran and explore Iran natural beauties in 14 days visiting northwestern provinces in Iran such as green Gilan, beautiful Ardebil, East and West Azerbaijan (most Turkish provinces), Zanjan, Qazvin, and Tehran. In this tour, you will experience nature and history side by side and get to know one of the ethnics of Iranian, hospitable Turkish. Read the itinerary as following. 


  • On the request, the itinerary can be changed in terms of the number of the days, destinations, and variety of attractions.
  • To book the tour contact us at WhatsApp +98 905 251 0132 or Telegram @raadinainternational.

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Tehran Arrival at IKA. Overnight stay at the hotel in Tehran.

Fuman In the morning, leave Tehran to Guilan. In the afternoon, have lunch and go to Rudkhan Castle that is the largest brick castle of Iran and is located in Fuman County. Having enjoyed wandering in this historical castle, head to Masouleh (UNESCO World Heritage Site) to visit the beautiful nature of this stairs village with its specific architecture. Overnight stay at the hotel in Fuman.

Bandar-e Anzali Drive to the village of Lakan to visit Saqalaksar Lake which is located in the middle of forest. Then head to village of Masal to experience a cool and fresh climate escaping from the city life. Having enjoyed beautiful scenery of the village, have lunch and drive to Bandar-e Anzali where you can visit the amazing nature of Anzali Lagoon and riding boat in it. Overnight stay at the hotel in Bandar-e Anzali.

Astara Head to Talesh and visit Gisoom Jungle Park and be amazed by its peaceful and wonderful nature. Next, drive to Asalem-Khalkhal Road (the dreamiest forest road in Iran). Have lunch and head to Astara that is one of the coastal counties of Gilan province. Walk on the beach and feel oysters in different shapes under your feet that have been brought to the coast in many years. In the evening, go shopping from the local Bazaar of Astara. Overnight stay at the hotel in Astara.

Ardebil En route to Ardabil, visit Heyran Defile (one of the most beautiful roads in Iran as it is known as a piece of paradise) and enjoy the amazing nature of the area as well as use entertainment facilities such as Telecabin, rail sledge and etc. Then, go to Fandoqlu Forest and have lunch there. After lunch, head to Ardebil to visit Sheikh Safi al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble (a UNESCO World Heritage Site with special architecture). Go to Shorabil to visit the beautiful Shorabil Lake. Leave Ardebil to Sarein (31 kms- 40minutes). Overnight stay at the hotel in Sarein.

Sarein Drive to visit the village of Vila Darre, a village in the center of Sarein County. Being refreshed in this amazing village, head to Alvares ski resort, the biggest ski resort in Iran (32 kms-40 minutes). Have lunch and take a rest. Then head to Sarein to use Hydrotherapy services in Sarein. Overnight stay at the hotel in Sarein.

Tabriz Head to Tabriz. Have lunch and go to visit Blue Mosque of Tabriz (the most famous buildings of its era) and Maqbaratoshoara (the Mausoleum of Poets belongs to poets). In the evening, pay a visit to the ancient village of Kandovan and experience life in its manmade cliff dwellings. Overnight stay at the hotel in Tabriz.

Tabriz Head to border city of Julfa, which is well known for owning historical churches and monasteries. Let’s go to visit some of these historical churches and experience the Armenian lifestyle of the locals. One of these monasteries is Saint Stepanos Monastery which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Have lunch and then go to Julfa Free Trade Zone (Sattarkhan Bazaar) and experience shopping at very low prices. Overnight stay at the hotel in Tabriz.

Tabriz In the morning, go to visit Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site) that is the largest roofed market in the world and one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture; consisting a series of interconnected buildings and enclosed spaces such as Timche Mozafar. Have lunch and visit Shahgoli Park that contains an artificial lake suitable for boat riding. Overnight stay at the hotel in Tabriz.

Urmia Drive to Urmia and visit Jame Mosque of Urmia (congregational mosque of Urmia) and Saint Mary Church (an ancient Assyrian church). After having lunch, drive to Band Village to visit Shahr Chai Dam and Lake Urmia (the largest lake in the Middle East). Return to Tabriz and overnight stay at the hotel in Tabriz.

Zanjan Leave Tabriz to visit Gavazang Dam, a great natural site with picturesque views for photographing. Then head to Zanjan to visit Laundry Museum, Saltmen Museum, Ali Qapu Mansion and Traditional area of Zanjan Bazaar. Have lunch and go to visit Sardar Bridge of Zanjan (an arch bridge built in 19th century). In the evening, head to Qazvin. Overnight stay at the hotel in Qazvin (178 kms – 2 hours).

Qazvin Let’s visit the city today. Have an excursion to visit Jameh Mosque of Qazvin (one of the oldest mosques in Iran), Chehel Sotoun Palace (one of the important monuments of Safavid period), Qajar Bathhouse (dating back to Safavid era) and Caravanserai of Sa'd al-Saltaneh (one of Persia's best preserved urban caravanserais). Take a rest and have lunch. After having lunch, do an excursion to Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Hossein, Aminiha Hosseiniyeh, and then Sepah Street (the first street built in Iran). Finish your tour with a visit to Aali Qapu Gate (the oldest gates in Qazvin). Farewell to Qazvin and head to Tehran. Overnight stay at the hotel in Tehran. (154 Kkm- 2 hours)

Tehran Start your morning with a city in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Go to visit Golestan Palace Complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site) that homes some other historical sites such as Shamsol Emareh, Salam Hall, Wind Tower Mansion and etc. Having visited these attractions, head to National Garden and pass through Toopkhaneh Square, enter National Museum of Iran and observe historical treasures. Have lunch and in the afternoon, The National Jewelry Treasury Museum, Abgineh Museum and Milad Tower are the next sights to visit. Overnight stay at the hotel in Tehran.

IKA Today is the last day in Iran. Wander in the streets of the capital city and get ready to go to IKA to say good bye to Iran and say hello to home.

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