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A Tour Around the Persia in 23 Days

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Take a Tour Around the Persia in 23 Days to explore different regions of Iran in depth from Qazvin to Zanjan, Hamedan, and Lorestan, to Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kashan, and Tehran.


  • On the request, the itinerary can be changed in terms of the number of the days, destinations, and variety of attractions.
  • To book the tour contact us at WhatsApp +98 905 251 0132 or Telegram @raadinainternational.

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Tehran Arrival at IKA. You will be welcomed at the airport and be transferred to the hotel by your tour guide. Overnight stay at the hotel in Tehran.

Qazvin Head to Qazvin, visit Jameh Mosque of Qazvin and Chehel Sotoun Palace, remnants of Safavid era. Having had lunch, go to visit Qazvin Bazaar. Overnight stay at the hotel in Qazvin.

Qazvin / Zanjan Start today excursion by a visit to Qajar Bathhouse (dates back to Safavid era) and then Caravanserai of Sa'd al-Saltaneh. Continue your visit seeing Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Hossein, Aminiha Hosseiniyeh, Sepah Street (the first street built in Iran) and Aali Qapu Gate. Have lunch and leave Qazvin to Zanjan. Overnight stay at the hotel in Zanjan. (178 kms - 2 hours)

Zanjan / Hamedan In the morning, go to visit Gavazang Dam and enjoy its beautiful nature. Then, pay a visit to Laundry Museum, Saltmen Museum, Ali Qapu Mansion and traditional area of Zanjan Bazaar, Sardar Bridge of Zanjan. Have lunch, take a rest, and head to Hamedan. Overnight stay at the hotel in Hamedan. (259 kms – 4 hours)

Hamedan Have a city tour in Hamedan. Go to visit Alavian Dome (a cube-shaped structure remaining from late Seljuk era), Tomb of Baba Taher (a well-known Persian poet). The next place to visit is Avicenna Mausoleum where Avicenna, the great Persian scientist, is buried. Have lunch and then go to visit Tomb of Esther and Mordechai which is the most important pilgrimage site for Jews in Iran. The last place to visit today is Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex housing the inscriptions from Achaemenid era. Overnight stay at the hotel in Hamedan.

Hamedan Visit Hegmataneh Hill (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and then Gregory Stepanos Church (dates back to about 400 years ago). Next, go to visit Evangelical Church and Hamam-e Qal'eh Museum of Anthropology. After having lunch, drive to the rocky village of Varkaneh where everything is made up of stone and decorated with stone. Overnight stay at the hotel in Hamedan.

Hamedan/ Khorramabad Leave Hamedan to visit Alisadr Cave (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Then, head to Laljin to visit its Pottery Workshops. Have lunch and head to Lorestan. Overnight stay at the hotel in Khorramabad.

Khorramabad Go to waterfall excursion in Gerit Waterfall and then Bisheh Waterfall (that flows in the heart of Zagros Mountains). Have lunch, visit tents and beautiful nature of Lorestan and get to know the life style of the nomads living in the tents. Overnight stay at the hotel in Khorramabad.

Khorramabad / Isfahan Visit Falak-ol-Aflak Castle (a gigantic structure built during the Sassanid era), Gerdab-e Sangi (a historical stony whirlpool), Brick Minaret, Shapuri Broken Bridge (dating back to Sassanid era), Khorramabad Inscription (a governmental decree written in Kufic). Having visited these ancient monuments, have lunch and head to Isfahan. Overnight stay at the hotel in Isfahan.

Isfahan Visit Jame Mosque of Isfahan (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Then, head to the Armenian District of Isfahan, Jolfa, to visit Vank Cathedral and be amazed by its glory and beauty. Pay a visit to Music Museum and learn about various Persian musical instruments. Then, go to visit Hasht Behesht Palace (the most luxuriously decorated palace in Esfahan & UNESCO World Heritage Site). Have lunch and visit Chehel Sotoun Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site), then go to visit Siosepol Bridge, one of the famous bridges of Isfahan over Zayandeh River that consists 33 bridges in the form of a single bridge. The last places to visit today are Qeysarie Gate and Isfahan Bazaar. Overnight stay at the hotel in Isfahan.

Isfahan / Shiraz Visit Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site), which homes some of the most important historical sites such as Aali Qapu Palace, Masjed-e Shah, and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. Have lunch and drive to Shiraz. Overnight stay at the hotel in Shiraz. (481 kms – 6 hours)

Shiraz Visit Nasir al-Mulk Mosque known as pink mosque as it is decorated with pink tiles and then pay a visit to Narenjestan-e-Ghavam Museum (a building with amazing paintings on its wooden ceilings that dates back to Qajar Era). Next, go to visit Zinat ol Molk House and enjoy its wonderful mirror arts. Have lunch and go to Eram Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Afif-Abad Garden. At night, go to Tomb of Hafez and Tomb of Saadi to experience the culture of this romantic and historical city. Overnight stay at the hotel in Shiraz.

Shiraz Visit Nazar Garden and Pars Museum where the tomb of Karim Khan Zand is located. Then, go to visit the most Zandy Vakil Complex including Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque, and Vakil Bazaar. Have lunch and pay a visit to Arg of Karim Khan Zand which reflects the majesty of the art and architecture of Zandiyeh era. Overnight stay at the hotel in Shiraz.

En route to Yazd Leave Shiraz to historical city of Yazd. En route, pay a visit to Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Naqsh-e Rostam or Necropolis and then Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heritage Site) which are remnants of Achaemenids Period, one of the largest emperors in the ancient time. Have lunch and continue your way to Yazd (UNESCO World Heritage Site & the second historic city in the world). En route, arrive in Abarkuh to visit Sarv-e Abarkuh (a 4500-year-old cypress) and Aghazadeh Historical House. Overnight stay at the hotel in Yazd.

Yazd In the morning, go to visit Zoroastrian Fire Temple (housing holy fire burning for over a thousand years). Then, head to the Old City of Yazd to visit Amir Chakhmaq Complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Water Museum (where you will visit a historical house and learn about water supply in desert areas in old days). Walk to Khan Complex (including Khan Bazaar, Khan Bath, Khan Square and Khan School from Qajar era). Having had lunch, head to Desert Camp and enjoy off-road vehicle and camel riding. Walk on the sandy hills and watch the sunset. At night, take a look at the pure and beautiful sky and experience a unique peace and silence that can be found nowhere else. Overnight stay at the hotel in Yazd.

Yazd Start your city tour with a visit to Dakhmeh-ye Zartoshtiyun (Tower of Silence) which was used as a Zoroastrian graveyard until 50 years ago. Then, go to visit Dolat-Abad Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Have lunch and walk through the historic zone of Yazd and visit Alexander's Prison. Get lost in the maze of lanes of this old city visiting Ashti Konoon Alleys, Ab Anbar (reservoir) and view the historic zone of the city from the rooftop of the Art House to feel and experience the traditional lifestyle. Majestic Jame Mosque of Yazd and Qanat of Zarch are the other sights that you will visit in your excursion to historical zone of Yazd. Overnight stay at the hotel in Yazd.

Mehriz / Yazd Head to Mehriz to visit some historical attractions such as Pahlavanpour Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the nine Persian Gardens), Hassan Abad Qanat and Pire Naraki (a Zoroastrian shrine). Have your lunch and head to Saryazd Village to visit Saryazd Castle, Gate of Farafar (which was used to be the entrance of Yazd in old days). In the afternoon, go to visit Zein-o-din Caravanserai (the only circular Shah Abbasi caravanserai). Return to Yazd and overnight stay at the hotel in Yazd.

Meybod / Yazd Head to Meybod and en route, go to visit Pir-e Sabz Chak Chak (one of the main Zoroastrians Shrines). Have lunch and drive to the historic city of Meybod where you can visit historical monuments such as Pigeon Tower, Narin Castle, Meybod Adobe Ice House, Shah Abbasi Caravansary, Ziloo Museum and Chapar Khaneh (courier house). Return to Yazd and overnight stay at the hotel in Yazd.

Ardakan / Kashan Head to Ardakan to visit the historic zone of this city. Visit active workshops extracting sesame oil, handicraft workshop and saddlebag production workshop to learn about the traditional local industries. Along the excursion, visit Jame Mosque of Ardakan, Khatami Historical House, Carpet Museum, Ardakan Watermill, Sadr Al-Fozala Darband, Majd Al-Olama Darband, Ardakan Qanat and Ardakan Temple. It’s time to have lunch, take a rest and drive to the historical zone of Aqda to visit Pars Banoo Shrine (a Zoroastrian temple). Head to Kashan. Overnight stay at the hotel in Kashan.

Kashan Go to visit Jalali Castle and view the historical zone of Kashan from the rooftop of the castle. Visit Borujerdi House and go to a rose water workshop to get know how locals extract rose water. Then, head to Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel and have lunch. In the afternoon, pay a visit to Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse and Fin Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Overnight stay at the hotel in Kashan.

Abyaneh / Tehran Visit Abyaneh (historical red village) where you can meet the locals who have stuck to their traditional culture and lifestyle. Have lunch and head to Tehran. Overnight stay at the hotel in Tehran.

Tehran Visit Golestan Palace Complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site) that homes some other historical sites such as Shamsol Emareh, Salam Hall, Wind Tower Mansion and etc. Having visited these amazing sights, head to National Garden and pass through Toopkhaneh Square, enter the National Museum of Iran and visit the historical treasures there. Have lunch and visit The National Jewelry Treasury Museum. Abgineh Museum and Milad Tower are the last places to visit today. Overnight stay at the hotel in Tehran.

Home According to your departure time, you will be transferred to the airport. Before that you may have enough time to have a walk in the city and say good-bye to Iran. Have a relaxing trip to home.

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