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Eagle Mountain of Taft

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City : Taft
Address : Islamiyah Village, Taft, Yazd
Type of attractions : Natural
Visiting days : Every day
Best Time To Visit : Spring

An Introduction to Eagle Mountain in Taft

Yazd Eagle Mountain is a high mountain which looks like a huge mountain hawk-eagle that has kingly spread its wings across a vast plain. Eagle Mountain is located in Farashah Village (recently known as Islamiyeh ) in Yazd and is a part of Yazd mountains with approximate height of 2000 meters. This mountain is so popular among locals and climbers. Due to erosion and the limestones on Eagle Mountain of Taft, there’s no plant or spring on it and there are many holes on the top, which animals use as lair.

Eagle Mountain of Taft

Geology of Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mountain is made of a limestone, and a mass of granite in the west of Shirkuh has raised this limestone formation and even caused a metamorphosis in some lower layers of the mountain. The formation of limestones goes back to the Mesozoic era. In the late Mesozoic era, being influenced by Laramide Mountains, the structure of other parts of ShirKuh and these strata changed and grew higher. In the Quaternary period, due to the drop in temperature, severe frost and then melting, limy texture of Yazd Eagle Mountain was chemically and mechanically eroded.

Eagle Mountain of Taft

Variety in types of rocks around the mountain and their erosion, have made this mountain look like an eagle, making Eagle Mountain a rare and magnificent mountain.

Eagle Mountain of Taft

Ascend the Peak of Eagle Mountain

In order to climb to the peak of Eagle Mountain, a route of 10 km should be passed from Taft to Farashah (Islamiyeh) village, a village situated in the northern mountainside of Shirkuh and in a vast valley. From west of the village, you can get to northwest side of the mountain where the slope is gentle. 
Natural landscape of Taft Eagle Mountain in Yazd province was registered in Iran Natural Heritage List with registration number of 347.

Eagle Mountain of Taft

Farashah (Islamiyeh) Village

Farashah village is flanked by Anjiraei Mountain from north, Sohrab and Shirkuh from south, Galu Badam Mount. from east, and Eagle Mountain from west. The altitude of Islamiyeh Village is 1760 meters, and due to Feiz Abad river flowing near the village, it has relatively moderate weather in springs and falls and warm weather in summer and cold in winter.
Historical places of Farashah include a cave in the mountain hillside, an ancient plane tree, 4 mosques, 2 Hosseiniyehs, Qadamgah (holy footprint on stone) with a beautiful mihrab stone and ink-written mementos on its walls, Firouz Mobeds relics, and a watchtower known as Islamiyeh Chil.

Eagle Mountain of Taft

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