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Mah Bibi Traditional House

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25th St, Mirdamad St, Ardakan, Yazd
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Mahbibi Traditional House is a mudbrick house with 3 centuries age dating back to the Zand Dynasty. The largest area of the historic Mahbibi House is dedicated to the interior space, and a small part of it has shaped the outer courtyard.
Adobe walls decorated with stucco work, two symmetrical halls, and wooden doors of the rooms have shaped the traditional house. A small blue pond with two gardens around it has created the pleasant and lovely atmosphere for the guests to enjoy the hot tea from the tea house. The word Mahbibi has a nostalgic feeling for any Iranian because the word bibi is used to call grandmothers. So the house is built in a way that resemble a traditional house.  
In addition to the traditional architecture and structure of the house, two high badgirs and ancient Qanat passage way have also helped to preserve and enhance the originality and antiquity of Mahbibi Traditional House. Eight semi-traditional rooms with the capacity of 40 guests are completely equipped for the guests to rest and relax in.  
Breakfast, internet, parking lot, fluent English speaking staff and room services are some of the services provided in Mahbibi Traditional House in Ardakan. 
Tourist attractions and historic sites close to the Mahbibi Traditional House include Ardakan Fire Temple and Tower of Silence, Chak Chak Shrine, Ardakan Qanat, Ardakan Museum of Anthropology and Carpet Museum, and Rig-e Zarrin Camp.
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