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Saryazd Gazelle Garden

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City : Mehriz
Address : Saryazd, Mehriz, Yazd
Type of attractions : Leisure, Natural
Visiting Hours : 9:00 -21:00
Visiting days : Every day except Ashura

Where is Saryazd Gazelle Garden ?

Saryazd Gazelle Garden is located on Mehriz - Saryazd road. 
It is said that Saryazd Gazelle Garden is the first center for breeding gazelles. It was opened in 2016 by Mr Abbas Sharifi who is the current manager of the gardeni.

An animal World in Saryazd Gazelle Garden

 The garden keeps 100 gazelles, 37 deer, 50 sheep, and about 120 ornamental birds such as Egyptian peacock, black swan, Canada goose, Ukraine wild goose, flamingo, Guinea fowl and other animals. 
For animals security, there are continuous concrete walls with the length of 33 m around the garden to avoid animals go out of garden. 
Let's visit this garden to walk along animals and beautiful birds, touch deer and gazelles and feel a unique experience. 

Maral in Saryazd Gazelle Garden

It is interesting to know that there is Persian deer named Maral and it can be as heavy as 240 Kg. 

Gazelle and deer slaughter season is in April, June, and July.
Wishing to buy a gazelle, we must hold a certificate from Iran Department of Environment.

Saryazd Gazelle Garden Restaurant

There is a restaurant and a coffee shop where you can rest and refresh while viewing the garden. In the restaurant, you can taste special kebab or other dishes made of gazelle meat either for lunch or dinner.

Moreover, there is a playground for children where they can spend time.

Click here for booking a tour to Saryazd Historical Village.

For more information about Saryazd Gazelle Garden, please contact Raadina Support.

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