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Historical Saryazd Village

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City : Mehriz
Address : Saryazd, Mehriz, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 24/7
Visiting days : Every day

Let's visit Saryazd Village, an example of villages in Iran desert.

Historical Saryazd Village

Saryazd or Farafar

The village was called Farafar before Islam. After invasion of Arabs to Iran, the villagers insisted to continue their ancestral religion; thus, Farafar was destroyed by Arabs. However the village was built again with name of Saryazd after two centuries. Then it was flourished in Seljuk's, Ilkhans, and Safavid era and it was gradually recessed again. 
Passing through the three-thousand-year-old gate of Farafar, we enter Saryazd Village . 

Saryazd or Farafar

Saryazd Old Caravanserai

Wandering through Saryazd solitude alleyways, we can visit several historical monuments here and there. We trace our way to get to Saryazd Old Caravanserai .
Here we can see each and every consistent of a desert city such as brick domes, wind towers, water reservoirs, and natural ice houses.

Historical Saryazd Village

Saryazd Jame Mosque

Visiting this old caravanserai, we arrive at Saryazd Jame Mosque. The mosque has been rebuilt in different eras. On the wall of the mosque, we can see an inscription dating back to Qajar dynasty. Passing Jame mosque, we get to Safavid caravanserai or New Ribat.

Historical Saryazd Village

Saryazd Fortress

Having visited Safavid caravanserai, we ride camels back to Saryazd Fortress, a guarding citadel which was built in Sassanid era and rebuilt in Safavid era.

On our way, we can visit Sanambar monument which water of qanat once through it and to a large pool in which water was saved for agricultural purposes. It is so bad that we can observe consecutive droughts have ruined this historical village .

Saryazd Chapar Khane

The last place that we can visit is Post house ( Chapar Khane ) which was built in Sassanid era. It had been once on the way of merchants and travelers passing famous Silk Road. It had a square plan with a garret at each corner. Here, post officers could change their tired horses with fresh ones to deliver governmental news and letters as fast as possible.

Saryazd Chapar Khane

In Saryazd Village , we can use traditional restaurants, camel riding, safari, motorcycle riding, off-roading, and other village recreation facilities.

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