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Pahlavanpour Garden

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City : Mehriz
Address : Motahari St, Mehriz, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 8:00 - 18:30
Visiting days : Every day Except Tasu'a & Ashura
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : 1,000,000 IRR

Let's visit one of the famous and old gardens which was built in Qajar era in Yazd, Pahlavanpour Garden ( Bagh-e Pahlavanpour ).
Pahlavanpour Garden is located in Mazvir Abad Neighborhood in Mehriz .
It was listed in UNESCO's Persian Gardens in 2001.

Pahlavanpour Garden

History of Pahlavanpour Garden

There is a story about the garden : there were two gardens fifty years ago that were separated with a stratigraphic wall. These gardens belonged to Mr Hassan MollaAlireza (Mr Ali Pahlavanpour's father - in - law) and Mr Pahlavanpur (Mr Ali Pahlavanpour's father). The wall was removed when Mr Ali Pahlavanpour got married and the two gardens combined into a single garden belonged to Mr Ali Pahvalanpour who was a well-known merchant.

Pahlavanpour Garden

Architecture of Pahlavanpour Garden

It is interesting to know that the garden's plan is divided as following: 1. Entrance complex (a tower, a stable, and a haystack); 2. Belvedere building or pantry; 3. Winter mansion; 4. Caretaker building; 5. Bathroom; and 6. Kitchen.
We pass the entrance of Pahlavanpour Garden including a tower, a stable, and a haystack. However the decorations of the tower resemble Zandy Style, the main mansion of the garden was built in Qajar era.

Pahlavanpour Garden
Let's go to the most elegant part of the garden that is belvedere or pantry building located in the center of the garden . The belvedere was built in two mezzanines with the area of 1500 m2 and includes a spring house, a hall, and earrings. Hassan Abad Qanat water passed through the belvedere entering the garden. 
One of the most exquisite parts of the building is the pavilion which is decorated with Karbandi ceiling. There we can find a kitchen, a warehouse, and a bathroom next to the belvedere building which was dug up recently.
Just in front of the belvedere building, there are two streams through which Hassan Abad Qanat water passed. On the bank of these streams, there are green stout sycamores creating alluring atmosphere in the garden.

Pahlavanpour Garden
Leaving the belvedere building , we go to visit Winter Mansion located in western side of Pahlavanpour Garden . The mansion includes a living room , closets , and a kitchen . Caretaker building is located in northern side of the garden and housed servants. 

Pahlavanpour Garden

Hassan Abad Qanant water flew continuously through this 5- hectar garden making Pahlavanpour Garden more beautiful, green and delightful. Moreover, water of ShahHosseini Qanat and Mazvir Abad Qanat entered the garden watering the trees.
Interestingly, that the garden had 16 water shares which watered it every twelve days. The interval of each water share took long for 10 to 11 minutes.

Pahlavanpour Garden

Pahlavanpour Garden includes 10 suites, three of which own orangery. The traditional suites with modern facilities are ready to receive visitors.
Mehriz Pahvalanpour Garden was registered in Iran National Monuments on September 29, 2002 with registration No. 6334.
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