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Khan Complex

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City : Yazd
Address : Qiam St., Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 10:00 - 22:00
Visiting days : Every day
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : 30,000 IRR

It is very unusual to travel into Yazd not visiting or not hearing of Khan Complex. The complex which dates back to Qajar dynasty includes a bazaar, a bath, a square, and a school. The complex of Khan Bazaars and Square with Khan Bath on its corner was registered in Iran National Monuments on May 11, 1986 with registration No. 1709. Let's have a detailed visit to some parts of this complex.

Khan Bazaar

Khan Bazaar

Let's visit one of the old complexes of bazaars in Yazd, Khan Bazaar Complex .
It is the longest and widest bazaar in Yazd with the length of 274 m and height of 4-6 m.
It was partly built in Afshariye era and the rest was built under the order of Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafghi and his descendants.
This complex includes several rows, bazaars, and timchehs. Each bazaar has a special name; however, they are all known as Khan Bazaar by locals.
The bazaar has two northern - southern and eastern - western wings. Northern - southern wing with length of 78 m has 53 stores and the eastern - western wing with the length of 180 m has 100 stores.

Khan Bazaar
There are different parts in this bazaar such as Zargari (jewelry) Bazaar, Panje Ali Bazaar, Qeysarie Bazaar, Alaqebandi Bazaar, Kashigari Bazaar, Chitsazi Bazaar, Mullah Ismael Bazaar, Afshar Bazaar, Sadri ( Shahzade Fazel ) Bazaar, Darvaze Mehriz Bazaar, Mesgari Bazaar, and Nokhod Berizi Bazaar.

Khan Bazaar
Qeysarie Bazaar is located between Khan Square and Khan School and has a more sophisticated architecture with wooden doors. In this Bazaar, we can buy local cloths.
If you pass through Panje Ali Bazzar, do not forget to have a bowl of adasi (a Persian food) in Café Adasi which is famous for receiving Iranian and foreigner costumers.
Khan Bazaar was registered in Iran National Monuments in 2003 with registration No. 8544.

Khan Bazaar

Khan Bath

Khan Bath or Noor Warm House, a bath special for grandees, with an architecture from Naser Al - Din Shah Period was built in 1170 SH by the order of Mirza Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafghi and was rebuilt three decades later in 1200 SH. When it was rebuilt, the Shah Neshin picturesque moldings were added to it.

Khan Bath
It's noteworthy that Mohammad Taqi Khan was known as Khan-e Bozorg (Senior Khan) and was the head of chain of Khans in Yazd who were famous as Khavanin. He was born in 1129 SH, appointed as Khan of Yazd in 1161 SH, and passed away in 1213 SH from whom there remained a large number of charities and public facilities such as Dolat Abad Garden, Khan Square, Qeysarie Bazaar, and Khan and Janat Abad Schools.

Khan Bath
Khan Bath in addition to having triple spaces: Bine, Miandar, and Warm House, has a pool with dimensions of 6×12 m which is located next to Warm House. Bine is more outstanding than other spaces in terms of area and decoration. There are some platforms with some ditches under them for putting shoes and changing rooms around Bine. On the domed roof of the bath, there is a beautiful skylight. Miandar is a link between Bine and Warm House. Warm House included hot water Khazine (a pool over burning fire in public bathrooms used for washing purposes) and a washing space. Next to Khazine, there is a cold water reservoir.

Khan Bath
Khan Bath was registered in Iran National Monuments with registration No. 2406.
Today, Khan Bath is used as a restaurant. So we can have a rest and a Persian meal here.

Khan Bath

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