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Barfkhaneh in Tezerjan

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City : Taft
Address : Tezerjan, Taft, Yazd
Type of attractions : Natural
Visiting days : Every day
Best Time To Visit : Summer

Barfkhaneh Peak

Barfkhaneh in Tezerjan is a summit with glaciers and crag and couloir, and one of the mountaineering and rock climbing attractions. 
In the past, before human achieved the technology of producing ice from water, the local people would go the Barfkhaneh and cut the ice on the peak of the mountain, and to prevent melting, they would wrap straw around the ice, then put it on a mule and carry to the village.
The summit of Tezerjan Barfkhaneh is comprised of the main peak, Mil-e Barfkhane, western peak of Barfkhane, and the ice spikes of Barfkhane, also known as Mil-e Fereydouni, overlooking Tezerjan district.

Barfkhaneh in Tezerjan

Climb the Barfkhaneh peak of Tezerjan

Barfkhaneh Peak of Tezerjan is about 3390 meters high and in order to climb it, you should begin at the clement Afshar Abad village of Tezerjan and continue to the base camp with a steady climb through the Pouneh Valley path. Clear active springs of the hillside bring you joy and exhilaration during the way. At the shelter you need to take enough water for the rest of the way and even your way back. Resting for a while and enjoying this flowery (just in the springs) and verdant area, you pick up your backpack filled with the enthusiasm of conquering Barfkhaneh Peak and traverse the Omid Valley and get to Pouneh Valley. After two hours of walking a glorious peak begins to appear and reinvigorates you and unloads the fatigue of a long and tiresome journey. So sweet it is when a human's wish comes true, a wish gotten after going through a hard path.

Barfkhaneh in Tezerjan

About Tezerjan Village

Standing at the bottom of a vast valley in the city of Taft, with a pleasant weather and touristic-historical attractions, Tezerjan village is embraced by the grand Shirkuh which has doubled its beauty. This village is over 700 years old, and a tombstone, on which it is carved Friday 11 Bahman 708 AH, proves it. Tezerjan is a summer village, in vicinity of Deh bala, Hanza, and Banadak Sadat, which is the host to thousands of tourists who want to spend a pleasant summer. Lovely gardens and beautiful farms of the village owe their lushness and verdancy to the springs of Barfkhaneh mountainside that constantly provide their water with generosity. The pristine nature of Tezerjan and Shirkuh is the habitat of some animals like wild goats.  

Barfkhaneh in Tezerjan

The Interesting Attractions of Tezerjan Village

In addition to historical monuments, Tezerjan Village enjoys many ecotourism attractions. Of the historical attractions of the village, we can name the 700-year old Jameh Mosque of Tezerjan which has retained its originality with its wooden capitals, and a glorious green plane tree with a diameter of 1.5 meter raised toward the sky. Other appealing natural attractions of this village are the mountains and heights of Tezerjan like Tezerjan Barfkhaneh, La anjir, Bazrin, Mazbir Abad, Kolah, Gorouh kouh, and Dakhmeh.

Barfkhaneh in Tezerjan

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