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Gonbad-e Ali of Abarkuh

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City : Abarkuh
Address : Abarkuh, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting days : Every day
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : رایگان

Gonbad e Aali of Abarkuh is the first recorded historical monument in Yazd province.

History of Gonbad Aali of Abarkuh

The age of Gonbad Aali of Abarkuh dates back to the era of Daylamites in the 5th century AD and is an example of a 1000-year-old stone tower. Gonbad-e Ali includes the tomb of Amir Amid al-Din Shams al-Dawlah Deylami, the grandson of Nasr ibn Hassan ibn Firouzan Deylami, who was the governor of Abarkuh during the Seljuk period and was from the Hezar Asb Tribe of the Daylamites dynasty. The building was built in the year 1056 by the order of Firouzan. 

Gonbad-e Ali of Abarkuh

The Architecture of Gonbad e Aali of Abarkooh

About Gonbad e Aali of Abarkuh, it must be said that the stone tomb is 22-meter high and 2-meter thick with a brick cover, which is in the form of an octagonal on a polygon base with a circular steady dome from which, the historic city of Abarkooh can be viewed. Above the head at the entrance of the dome, there is a brick inscription bearing a large and prominent Kufic handwriting. In terms of design, the monument of the Gonbad e Aali of Abarkuh is similar to the monuments of the 3rd and 4th centuries AH and the tomb towers of the north of Iran such as the Gonbad –e Kavus and Kharraqan towers. The gypsum and stucco materials used in this magnificent building are similar to the architectural style of most of the Sassanid era monuments.

Gonbad-e Ali of Abarkuh

Gonbad e Aali , the most stable building of Abarkooh , is built on a mountain with the same name, i.e. Mount Gonbad-e Ali, which along with rocky materials of the Gonbad is a reason for its surviving from the continual earthquakes in the area, and that is why it has gained the label of one of the soundest domes of the Seljuk and Daylamites period.
So far, more than 400 monuments have been explored in Abarkuh and only 124 have been registered in Iran National Monuments List. Gonbad e Aali is one of these monuments that was registered in Iran National Monuments List in 1933 with registration No. 195.

Gonbad-e Ali of Abarkuh

Abarkuh, the City of a 4500-year-old Cypress

The historic city of Abarkuh, located in 140 kilometers southwest of Yazd city, is one of the 14 most popular tourist destinations in Iran.

Gonbad-e Ali of Abarkuh

Other tourist attractions and historical monuments of Abarkuh include Jame Mosque, Yakhchal of Abarkuh, Aghazadeh Mansion, Anthropology Museum, Gonbad e Aali, Old City of Abarkuh, Imam Reza House, and Sarv-e Abarkuh.

Gonbad-e Ali of Abarkuh

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