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Aghazadeh Mansion in Abarkuh

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City : Abarkuh
Address : Shahid Bahonar St., Abarkuh, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 8:00 - 21:30
Visiting days : Every day
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : 300,000 IRR

To arrive at Aghazadeh Mansion in Abarkuh, we need to pass through tekyeh of Darvazeh Meydan neighborhood in Abarkuh and then find the magnificent Aghazadeh Mansion by directing at the 18-meter high badgir of this house and going through the historical archways and sabats.

Aghazadeh Mansion in Abarkuh

Age of Aghazadeh Mansion in Abarkuh

Seyed Hossein Abarqui, one of Abarkuh's wealthy people during the Qajar period, ordered to build a house of 820 square meters, and it can surely be said that the most beautiful historical house in Abarkuh is Aghazadeh Mansion. It is interesting to know that there is a picture of this house on twenty thousand rials banknotes.

Aghazadeh Mansion in Abarkuh

Architecture of Aghazadeh Mansion

To enter the central courtyard of Aghazadeh Mansion, we have to pass through its vestibule and corridor.
It should be noted that this house has been constructed on three sides, each of which is suitable for a season, the northern side of the house, which is good for winter, has a panjdari (five-door room) with a heater on the wall. The two corridors and two Sedaris (three-door rooms) are other parts of this section.

Aghazadeh Mansion in Abarkuh

Visit the Only two-story badgir of Yazd at Aghazadeh Mansion 

The most interesting parts of Aghazadeh Mansion are the badgir and pavilion. The badgir is used to provide cool air and the pavilion to light up the hall and the space below it.
Unlike most of the badgirs in Yazd, Aghazadeh Mansion badgir is a two-story structure with a height of 18 meters, an area of 18 square meters, and 19 vents for air conditioning.
The pavilion of the house bears a magnificent and eye-catching work of muqarnas.

Aghazadeh Mansion in Abarkuh

Abarkuh Touristic Sights

In case you are sightseeing Abarkuh and the Aghazadeh Mansion, you can visit other attractions like Old Cypress of Abarkuh (Sarv-e Abarkuh), Solat House (Museum of Anthropology), Gonbad Aali dome, and the Jameh Mosque of Abarkuh.
Staying at the old Sarv-e Abarkuh or Tizok ecolodges, you can experience a pleasurable traditional life.
On February 12, 1997, Aghazadeh Mansion was registered in Iran National Monuments List with registration No. 1838.
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