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Markar Complex of Yazd

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City : Yazd
Address : Markar Sq., Kashani St,. Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical

If you have not visited the first adobe city and the second historical city of the world yet, travel to Yazd where people with different beliefs and religions share a peaceful life. Markar Complex of Yazd is one of Zoroastrians tourist attractions in Yazd:

Markar Complex of Yazd

The Founder and the Year of Establishment of Markar Complex of Yazd

Markar Complex of Yazd is a historical complex related to the early Pahlavi era, which was opened in 1934. This complex was named Markar after its founder Pashootan Ji Dusabhai Markar who was a Persian businessman and merchant who lived in India devoting himself to establishing utilities and educational facilities for the development of the Iranian community, especially the Iranian Zoroastrians. In October 31, 1998, this monument was registered in Iran National Monuments List with registration No. 2146.

Markar Complex of Yazd

Markar School (An Educational Institute & A Nursery)

At the beginning of the school, a magnificent courtyard with old myrtle and cypress trees, a large blue pond full of water, and gardens full of flowers boast off the originality and the age of the building. After passing through these memorable places, we come to a brick building with blue tiles, above which the main door can be seen which is decorated with the symbol of Faravahar and a turquoise inscription bearing with a beautiful verse of Rumi. This magnificent building comprises the Markar School, which has two parts: one part is a school having 18 rooms and a large hall with a capacity of 800 people; the other part is a nursery including 3 bedrooms, 9 rooms, a basement and several management rooms. In the temple hall of the nursery, there are also two tile frames containing tutorial sentences in cuneiform on the wall that catch eyes of each viewer. The two buildings are connected with a brick facade and a ceiling made of clay and mud which are connectedto each other the roofed porch. Markar janitorial building is located on the southwestern side of the school which has a thatch facade.

Markar Complex of Yazd

Markar Museum (Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture)

Markar Museum, known as Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture, opened in 2015 at the historical building of Markar Nursery. In this museum, tourists can learn about Zoroastrian customs and culture. In the past, this building was a boarding school for primary and secondary school students. Its architecture is in such a way that it profits the longest durability of energy and the use of sunlight.
Different parts of Markar Museum which are located in the basement include an ab anbar, gaavro (an area for passing the cattle), pakeneh (a place for passing Qanat water), Qanat passage way, as well as old hammams in the courtyard. In the museum, first you can read about the history of Markar Complex and Markar biography. Then you can learn about the traditional Zoroastrians celebrations, rites and occasions, Zoroaster, Gathas, and important Zoroastrian monuments.
Markar Museum is open every day from Thursday to Sunday from 15:30 to 19:30.
Museum Address: Markar Square, Farsh-e Mashhad Alley, Markar Nursery.

Markar Complex of Yazd

Markar Clock Tower of Yazd, the Central Point of Iran

According to the writings on stone inscription in it, Markar Clock, known as Ferdowsi Timepiece, opened in October 26, 1942, eight years after opening of Markar School.
Since the city of Yazd is geographically located in the center of Iran and Markar clock is just in the center of Yazd, Markar Square, exactly the place where Markar Clock is located, is the central point of Iran. 
It’s interesting to know that Markar Clock Tower was used to the highest building in Yazd and it was seen and its alarm was heard from miles far away. On the Clock Tower, in the clockwise direction, and in the opposite direction of passing of the cars, the date of construction of this building as well as some verses of Naser Tazeen, a native poet of Yazd, are mentioned on turquoise inscriptions on its four sides. 

Markar Complex of Yazd

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