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Markar Museum

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City : Yazd
Address : Markar Sq., Yazd
Type of attractions : Cultural
Visiting Hours : 9:00-13:00 & 16:00-20:00
Visiting days : Every day except Friday Afternoons
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : 200,000 IRR

History of Markar Museum (Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture)

The Yazd Markar Museum is known as the Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture located in Markar Square in Yazd. It was opened in 2015 in the basement of the historical building of Markar Orphanage under the supervision of Esfandiar Ekhtiari and has displayed the Zoroastrian religion and culture.
The complex includes an orphanage, a boarding school, an elementary school, a high school, and Markar Clock Tower in Markar Square.

Markar Museum

Architectural style of Markar Complex and Museum

When you walk into Markar Complex, you can see a magnificent and historic building which is located in the center of a very large courtyard with beautiful pillars connected to the Markar School. Now the previous Markar's dormitory, which used to be the boarding school for students at Markar School in Yazd, turned into the Markar Museum. The Museum architecture is in such a way that the longest survival of energy and sunlight took place which refers to Zoroastrian beliefs, based on the respect and value for light and brightness.

Markar Museum

Treasures of Markar Museum

Through the maze of corridors in the traditional Zoroastrian Museum in Yazd, you first encounter the history of the Markar complex and the biography of Pashootan Ji Dusabhai Markar (who established this museum and complex), and then the holy book of “the Gatha” (the poems said by Zarathustra), with explanations about the first Persian messenger of God (Zarathustra) and the only Prophet from Iran, Zoroastrian celebrations, women dresses, traditional costumes for their Clergymen and women.
In the next section of the Markar Museum, we can learn about and see some pictures and realia about some important places and temples for Zoroastrians such as Tower of Silence, Ateshkadeh , Chak Chak .  
In the last section of this museum, you will see the kitchen of an old house with its related items, all of which speak of an ancient and authentic history and make us aware of the lifestyle of the people 80 years ago. Playing some short clips about Zoroastrians, playing traditional tracks in Dari and providing Rastar Mobile app is one of the other tourist attractions of this historic complex. Each of the sections of Markar Museum of Yazd is displayed in Persian and English, and if there is a need for further explanations, museum guides are ready to present enough information for tourists and visitors while introducing different sections to tourists.

Markar Museum

The Monuments of Yazd Markar Collection

Along with a visit to the Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture, you can see Markar historical sites including an ab anbar with two stone stairways, a cow path (Gaav Ro, the cow's passage to drain water from a deep well), the old hammam, and one more thing that makes you interested is the beautiful architecture of the building where you feel and see the glory of history.
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Markar Museum

For more information about the Markar Museum of Yazd, contact Raadina support.

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