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Shahzade Fazel Complex

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City : Yazd
Address : Imam Khomeini St., Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical, Religious
Visiting days : Every Day

Shahzade Fazel Complex, or as local say Shazdeh Fazel, consists of the mausoleum and shrine of Shazdeh Fazel, Hosseiniyeh of Shazde Fazil and the Shazdeh Fazel bazaar, dating back to the eighth century and the Timurid era. This complex is also registered in national Iranian Monument.

Introduction of Shahzade Fazel Mausoleum

Yazd has been a very safe and secure city, so it has been the best host for imams, their sons, and their grandchildren. That is why there are many shrines and mausoleums that are both very religiously and historically valuable. One of these historic shrines known as Shazdeh Fazel is located in the historical context of Imam Street and downtown of Yazd.
Pilgrims and travelers who often come to Yazd from the southern cities for shopping and medical purposes, mostly visit this mausoleum and shrine, because it is just next to the traditional bazaars in Yazd. Here, they can say their prayers and do their religious rituals. Moreover, they can take a break and rest at this shrine.

Shahzade Fazel Complex

Who does Shazdeh Fazel Mausoleum belong to?

There is controversy about who lies in the grave in Shazdeh Fazel Shrine. But an inscription of the mosaic tile states that in 747 AH, when the ditch of the city was dug by the order of Amir Mubariz al-Din Muhammad ibn Muzaffar, a corpse which was in perfect condition with a Quran on his chest was found at this place. Shiites believe that the corpse belonged to the Fazl the son of Imam Musa Kazim who passed away in 202 AH.  Zoroastrians, however, believe that this body belonged to one of the Sassanid princes known as the Pir-e Borj and is highly respected by them, such as Pir-e Herisht, Pir-e Belbasger, Pir-e Narestan, etc.

Shahzade Fazel Complex

The Architecture of Shahzade Fazel Shrine

The Shrine of Shahzade Fazel in Yazd was built in the eighth century. According to Jame’e Jafari (the first history book written about Yazd), this building was restored in 1226 AH. Another writer states that the restoration was completed in 1240 AH.
This 2-storey building is decorated with mirror work, stucco and fresco work, and beautiful elegant paintings. It also has two separate entrances: one on Imam Khomeini street and the other one on the Shazdeh Fazel Bazaar. On the north side, there is a pavilion with some nice mirror work and some beautiful calligraphies, and two new large latticed and colored doors, and there are several brick lattice windows along the western side.
For the construction of the dome, 12 large pillars were installed in 4 directions of the mausoleum. In the middle of the building, there is a magnificent gorgeous zarih foiled of silver and gold pieces.
The façade of the mausoleum has a curve, arches and two minarets decorated with some calligraphic, diamonds, and seven color tiles with Islamic designs. The outer layer of the dome has a curved slope decorated with seven colored tiles and Islamic designs. The body of the mosque is also in the form of a hat with a diameter of 10 and an approximate height of 15 meters. The floor of the Shrine is covered in stone.

Shahzade Fazel Complex

The Building of Shazdeh Fazel Shrine

This shrine has two courtyards connected to the room with the dome which has a beautiful vestibule. One of these courtyards is located in the north of the tomb and the other one in the east.
At the end of the northern yard, there is a grave stone belonging to Sayed Solomon, the one who accompanied Fazel and was martyred in this place.

Shahzade Fazel Complex

Historical inscriptions of Shahzadeh Fazel Mausoleum

The only old inscription in this tomb is the inscription of the mosaic tile of 90 × 70 cm, which is placed vertically above the grave's head.

Shahzade Fazel Complex

Shazdeh Fazel Hosseiniyeh

Yazd is famous for its great mourning ceremonies. The people in Yazd organize unique religious practices which are broadcasted in national and international channels. This has attracted many enthusiasts and tourists to the city, traveling only to Yazd to see the Muharram ceremony. Shazdeh Fazel Hosseiniyeh is located next to the entrance to its bazaar neighboring the shrine. It is one of the largest Hosseiniyehs where the ceremony of the month of Muharram is held.
Shazdeh Fazel Hosseiniyeh is located inside Imam Khomeini Street of Yazd and dates back to the Qajar period, which was registered on June 9, 2003 with registration no. 9130 in the list of national Iranian monuments.

Shahzade Fazel Complex

Nakhgardani in Shahzade Fazel

Nakhl Bardari or Nakhl Gardani is another magnificent event that is held every year in Muharram in most parts of Yazd province, including the Amir Chakhmaq Square. Shazdeh Fazel Hosseiniyeh also has an old Nakhl next to the entrance of the shrine; however, for years it has not been moved due to its old age and exhaustion, and only at the night of Ashura, it has been a place to light the candles and hold Sham –e Ghariban ceremony.  

Shahzade Fazel Complex

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