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Amir Chakhmaq Complex

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City : Yazd
Address : Amir Chakhmaq Sq, Imam Khomieni St, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting days : Every day
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : Mosque : IRR 80,000 Tekiye : IRR 150,000

Let's visit Amir Chakhmaq Complex which is one of the most spectacular monuments in Yazd .
This complex is located on Amir Chakhmaq Square , Imam Khomeini Street.

Who is the founder of Amir Chakhmaq Complex?

When we get to Amir Chakhmaq Square , it is not difficult to find other monuments of the complex. This complex was built under the order of Seyed Jalal Al- Din Shami, known as Amir Chakhmaq, who was Yazd munificent ruler. Seyed Jalal Al- Din died when the complex was being built; so his noble and loyal wife ordered to complete the building of the complex and to add a water reservoir ( Ab Anbar ) to it. The complex included a bazaar, a water reservoir, a mosque, a mausoleum and a square.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Amir Chaghmaq Tekyeh

There is a two - floor Tekyeh on eastern side of the square. This two - floor brick building with two lofty minarets was once a place for gathering royal family to watch Nakhl Bardari rituals (a mourning ceremony of lifting Nakhl – a cypress tree - shaped wooden structure and symbol of Imam Hussain's coffin - which is a symbolic funeral ceremony of Shiite's Imam Hussain) held in Amir Chaghmaq Tekyeh yard. Tekyeh is a building usually with two lofty minarets which has many booths and was built on one side of the Hosseinieh. 

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

There is an inscription in ShahNeshin booth (a booth special for the king or ruler) which indicates the complex was built in 1258 SH; however, it is said it was built 137 years before this date. It is also said that the two lofty minarets of the complex was later added to it in Qajar dynasty.
It is interesting to know that this tekyeh was registered in Iran National Monuments on January 1, 1952 with registration No. 383.
After buying ticket , we can go up the stairs of the tekyeh to have a look on Amir Chakhmaq Mosque dome , Panj Badgiri water reservoir , and other magnificent Yazd monuments . Watching the city from top of this complex at sun set is absolutely amazing and spectacular. 

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Nakhl of Amir Chakhmaq Complex

There is a large Nakhl with height of 8.5 m next to the tekyeh which is known as Nakhl-e Heydariha. It is one of the oldest Nakhls in Yazd province which has been located here since 1229 SH. It was customary to hold mourning ceremony in the tekyeh while royal family were watching this ceremony from the booths. 

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Amir Chakhmaq Bazaar

Underneath the complex, there is a bazaar named as Haji Qanbar Bazaar behind the tekyeh on eastern side the square. This bazaar is one of the monuments contributed to Nezam Al- Din Haj Qanbar Jahanshahi who ruled Yazd appointed by Jahanshah Qare Qariyunloo and built other monuments. The entrance of the bazaar is just located in the centric booth of the tekyeh and the bazaar is extended along behind the tekyeh . Recently, there have been some Kebabis selling well-known delicious jigar ( grilled sheep liver ).

Amir Chakhmaq Ab Anbars

Amir Chakhmagh Complex included three Ab Anbar (water reservoirs) named as Square Ab Anbar , Tekyeh Ab Anbar , and Seti Fatemeh Ab Anbar . Square Ab Anbar was destroyed. Seti Fatemeh Ab Anbar has being used as Saheb A Zaman Zurkhaneh and Tekyeh Ab Anbar is included in Yazd Museum . Standing in front of the tekyeh , in the second booth on the left, we can see the entrance of this Ab Anbar . The Ab Anbar includes 48 stairs and two badgirs ( wind tower ) remained from four badgirs.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Amir Chakhmagh Mosque

Let's visit another monument of the complex, Amir Chakhmaq Mosque . This mosque located on the southern side the square is Yazd second mosque in terms of beauty, extension, and significance after Masjed Jame . This mosque was registered in Iran National Monuments with registration No. 247.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

It is interesting to know that dead people were buried here to Pahlavi regime which was stopped under the order of Reza Shah and the square was extended.
In 1393 SH (2015), eight martyrs of Iran - Iraq war were buried here.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex was registered in Iran National Monuments with registration No. 2416.
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