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Turan Posht

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City : Taft
Address : Taft, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical, Natural
Visiting days : Every Day
Best Time To Visit : Spring

The History of Turan Posht

Turan Posht is a high and historic village which is 60 km from Taft city and 2,500 meters above the sea level. It is located in the southern slopes of Shirkuh (the highest mountain in Yazd Province), so it has vast green plains, semi-arid and mountainous climate.
Turan Posht is taken from Turan Dokht who was the princess of Iran, Khosrow I’s daughter. About 630 AD, she ordered to build a big Fire temple named Turan Posht in the village named Ghahestan or qanatestan (a place full of qanats), because this area had a lot of qanats. The fire temple remained for a long time and they changed the name of the village to Turan Posht.

Turan Posht

The Attractions of Turan Posht

Turan Posht is the oldest village in Yazd province which is 5000 years old. It has many different historical places related to Achaemenid and Sassanid dynasties. Turan Posht is also an ecotourism area. Some of the old and historical places of the village include Jin Castle, Turan Posht Castle, Jame Mosque of Turan Posht, Historic Nakhl, Turan Posht Hosseiniyeh, Pir-e Morad Dome, Junayd Dome, GoL-e Sorkh Dome, Chehel Dokhtarun Dome, Estina Fire Temple, Takht e Rostam, Khoore Inscriptions, Stone Ab anbar, Sparkling Water Spring, the ruins of water mill, and historical caves.

Turan Posht

Turan Posht Castle

In Achaemenid and Sassanid dynasty, in order to keep safe from thieves and enemies, people had to build strong castles, forts, Chapar Khane (pony expresses), and road checkpoints. These buildings were so good not only for the military and business purposes, but also as caravanserais for travelers to rest and trade things. One of the most important and famous castles is in Turan Posht. some other old castles in Yazd include Ashkezar, Anarak, Ardan.
Turan Posht is located in the slope of the mountain and in a vast plain which makes a very mythical scene out of it.
This unique castle and even its large gate are made out of sedimentary rocks. Turan Posht Castle has so many small rooms behind it. Each room belonged to a family, in this small rooms they kept dried fruits, legumes, flour, etc. each in its special place.

Turan Posht

Sheikh Junayd Dome

Once upon a time, on the hills overlooking the village of Turan Posht, you could see four domes: Chehel Dokhtarun, Seyyed Gol-e Sorkh, Pir-e Morad and Sheikh Junayd. Two domes were destroyed, and now the tomb of Sheikh Junayd and Chehel Dokhtarun Tomb are left.
The conical form of the Dome of Sheikh Junayd (tomb of Ibn Abi Tahir) is adorned with Quranic verses and is similar to the Abarkuh Stone Dome. The tomb of Chehel Dokhtarun is a stone building in an octagon plan dating back to 6th century AH. It was registered with a registration number of 2315 as an Iranian National Monument.

Turan Posht

Overflowing Springs in Turan Posht

Turan Posht Tourism Area has calcareous overflowing springs belonging to the Quaternary period and has been registered with No. 190 in the list of Iranian National Monument.
Turan Posht calcareous springs are one of the most beautiful overflowing springs in the country, located a short distance from Tahkt -e rostam. Turan Posht calcareous springs are warm and gently overflows onto the land surface. Water flowing from these springs have some special mineral (lime, gypsum, and some other minerals), over the years, these minerals have formed thin layers of lime and gypsum (onion shape). If the layers get thicker, they would stop water from pushing up. But this fountain does not turn off and it starts to boil again from the bottom floor near the previous location and from the floor. These fountains welcome geologists, international tourists and warm-water lovers every year.

Turan Posht

Turan Posht Cemetery

Turan Posht is a long old cemetery with two old and new parts that are located at a higher altitude of the village. The gravestones of this graveyard date back to the 5th and 6th centuries AH containing some calligraphy in the Kufic, which have become valuable and exquisite inscriptions over time.
There are 5 other tourism villages near the Turan Posht Village such as Islamiyeh, Deh bala, Tezerjan, Banadkuk, Cham and Mobarakeh which host tourists and visitors from all over the world.
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Turan Posht

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