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Ab anbar Rostam Giv

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City : Yazd
Address : Basij Blvd., Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical

History of Ab anbar Rostam Giv

Ab anbar Rostam Giv in Yazd is an ancient monument belonging to the Qajar era, which dates back to 1941. It was built on Basij Boulevard and was registered on December 15, 1996 with the number 1829 as a National Iranian Monument. The ab anbar was named after its founder Mr. Rostam-e Guiv, the Zoroastrian representative of the National Assembly, who paid all the costs of constructing the water reservoir. Supplying water, especially in areas with low water, has been one of the most important things that the creative people of the desert have achieved in the past, and have built buildings which have played a significant role in providing water to the people in these areas. Interestingly, most of these buildings are underground and covered buildings, such as ab anbar including a dug, a pond, and water storage.
There are more than 60 water reservoirs in Yazd province, most of which have been registered as National Iranian Monuments.

Ab anbar Rostam Giv

The Structure of Ab anbar Rostam Giv

Ab anbars ( water reservoirs ) are a kind of covered water reservoirs built at a lower altitude than the surface of the earth and were used to supply water to people of the water of rivers and qanats.
In the past, there used to be a kind of public ab anbar in the neighborhoods and caravansaries, and a private ab anbar for inside the private houses. These ab anbars consisted of a variety of parts such as water storage, ventilation, stairways, faucets and the more important, two to six high badgirs ( wind towers ) formed above these water reservoirs.

Ab anbar Rostam Giv

Ab anbar Rostam Giv , with four badgirs on its four sides, is located in the historical context of Yazd. The ab anbar is covered with a dome, the design of which is like a cypress symbolizing immortality. Ab anbar Rostam-e Guiv in Yazd is a large, cylindrical water reservoir with a capacity of 2300 cubic meters, a diameter of 14 meters, and a depth of 15 meters. The arches and entrances of the ab anbar are also embossed and framed. This monument is the work of an artist named Master Haj Mohammad Ibrahim Khoramshahi, and the work was supervised by Arbab Jamshid Amanat. Ab anbar-e Rostam Giv being located between the Zoroastrian and Muslim neighborhoods has two separate entrances each of which is a particular group due to jurisprudential issues.

Ab anbar Rostam Giv

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