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In this tour, you will learn about the history of Yazd by visiting Dakhmeh-ye Zartoshtiyun (Tower of Silence), Ateshkadeh (Fire Temple). To experience the ancient life style, you wander in Old City of Yazd and visit  Amir Chakhmaq ComplexJame Mosque of Yazd (Masjed-e Jameh), Kooshk-e No Water Mill, and Dolat Abad Garden.

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Zoroastrian Towers of Silence Start early in the morning to Dakhmeh-ye Zartoshtiyun (Towers of Silence). Zoroastrian Towers of Silence are used-to-be cemetery where Zoroastrians put their dead corpses to be defleshed and then the person in charge poured the bones in a deep well to get decomposed. The interesting structure of these towers and having being active till some decades ago is the point that will astonish you.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple The next place to go over is Ateshkadeh (Fire Temple). The Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd is one of the most important fire temples in world for Zoroastrians as it keeps fire that has been burning for centuries and was moved from different places to Yazd. The building of the Fire Temple was built around 84 years ago and is an example of a Zoroastrian architecture.

Amir Chakhmaq Complex Having visited Ateshkadeh, let's go to visit a masterpiece of architecture: Amir Chakhmaq Complex. Amir Chakhmaq Complex including a square, a mosque, a water reservoir, a bazaar, a Tekyeh is one of the most famous places in Yazd and Iran and is considered an icon symbolizing Yazd. Amir Chakhmaq Complex is a must-see places for every traveler to Yazd. It symbolizes the amazing magnificence of Persian-Islamic architecture.

Water Museum Just across from the Amir Chakhmaq Square, there is Water Museum. Water Museum is founded in a 200-year-old traditional house in the old city of Yazd. The museum was opened in 2000 and displays the water supply system in desert in old days, the tools used to extract water from underground, documents and endowments related to water supply, etc.

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Jame Mosque of Yazd After having lunch, you go to the old city of Yazd to see Jame Mosque of Yazd (Masjed-e Jameh). Jame Mosque of Yazd is one of the most spectacular historical monuments in Yazd. The mosque was basically built in Sassanid era; however, it was completed in last decades. Masjed Jame Yazd has different part and each part is regarded to be built in a specific era to extend the mosque. In addition to the historical value of the mosque, it is of high importance in terms of architecture and art. The lofty minarets of the Jame Mosque are the highest pair of minarets in the world.

Old City of Yazd Having visited the magnificent Jame Mosque, walk through the old city of Yazd and see Alexander's Prison. Walk in the maze of narrow alleys of Old City of Yazd, enjoy the magic game of history in old monuments and buildings, visit the old houses which were busy with their inhabitants and now are busy with visitors. Visit the handicraft shops where you can buy traditional handicrafts and souvenirs from Yazd. Get amazed by the active life you witness in this old city.

Dolat Abad Garden The last but not the least destination is majestic Dolat Abad Garden. Dolat Abad Garden is a Persian garden that dates back to 260 years ago. It is one of the nine Persian Garden listed in UNESCO as a world heritage site which enjoys a magnificent architecture. Another point that has made it more important is its lofty wind tower which is regarded as the highest adobe wind tower in the world. Visit the garden and enjoy walking in an old Persian garden with high green trees adjacent to masterpiece of architecture.

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