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Pars Banoo , A Zoroastrian Temple

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City : Ardakan
Address : Zarjoo Village, Ardakan, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Best Time To Visit : Spring

Introducing Pars Banoo Temple; The Pars Princess Sanctuary

Pars Banoo Temple is one of the attractions in Zarjoo Village (near Aqda) in Ardakan. The village is located in a narrow valley, on both sides of which there are many almond and wild fig trees. The Pars Banoo Temple, the Lady of Persia or Princess of Pars, was one of Yazdegerd III’s daughters. Yazdegerd III was the king in Sassanid dynasty when Arabs invaded Iran.  The Arab soldiers were after Pars Banoo to arrest her, she fled to this part of the mountain. The Arab soldiers were about to arrest her, she asked Ahura Mazda to help her, suddenly she disappeared in the mountains and no one could find her ever. Later, a blind person dreamed Pars Banoo, she asked the man to build a temple in that part of the mountain and to keep her memory alive. The man got up healed from blindness. He was able to see, and he built the temple. From then on Zoroastrians go there to do some religious ceremonies.

Pars Banoo , A Zoroastrian Temple

Zarjoo Fire Temple ( Pars Banu )

The main building of this sanctuary is a white dome made up of green tiles located near a seasonal river. The oldest monument of this temple is a stone inscription installed on its entrance which dates back to the Safavid era. Pars Banu is a Zoroastrian temple in main building of which Pars Banoo disappeared.

Each year from 13th to 17th of July (From day of Mehr to Day of Varhram), this temple receives lots of Zoroastrians who love here to say prayer, read their holy book Avesta, and do some special rituals. Inside the temple of Pars Banoo, like other Zoroastrian temples, there is an oily lamp that some Zoroastrians bring oil for the lamp and burn incense. They also distribute sweets among pilgrims to share their happiness. 
On the slopes of Mount Pars Banoo, there are a few houses named Kheyle for staying and resting travelers, tourists and 5-day pilgrims of Pars Banoo who can easily go on a sightseeing tour and do religious ceremonies.
Over the entrance door of Pars Banoo Temple, a poem has been written in Persian which praises Pars Banoo and gives hope and energy to pilgrims. 

Pars Banoo , A Zoroastrian Temple

Zoroastrian Tourist Attractions in Ardakan 

Ardakan is one of the main bases of Zoroastrian places and temples, some of which include Chak Chak (the place where Hayat Banoo, the daughter of Yazdegerd III disappeared), the Herisht Temple (the place where Morvarid or Gowhar Banoo, the servant of Yazdegerd family, disappeared).
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Pars Banoo , A Zoroastrian Temple

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