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Kharanaq Shaking Minaret (Monar Jonban)

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City : Ardakan
Address : Yazd-Mashhad road, Kharanaq Village, Ardakan
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting days : No visit (Under Renovation)

The introduction of Kharanaq Shaking minaret

Kharanaq Monar Jonban (Shaking Minaret) is the only minaret in the world which is completely made of mudbricks. Its chief rival is Isfahan Monar Jonban but the tile work on Isfahan Monar Jonban makes it different. Kharanaq Monar Jonban is located on the northern side of the Kharanaq Jame Mosque. It’s even older than the mosque. Even before the formation of Yazd, this minaret has existed and is like a spokesman for history that has experienced many stories, bit and sweet events in the past.
The basic building of this minaret dates back to Sassanid era. But the construction was completed in Seljuq era.

Kharanaq Historic Village

The Architectural Style of Kharanaq Shaking Minaret

This minaret is in 3 floors (three-storey) and has two separate stairways to climb up and down. It has a spiral staircase, its width begins with 70 centimeters at first and ends with 40 centimeters at the end. A spiral staircase just like this, is used in one of the minarets of Masjed-e Jame in Yazd. The Kharanaq minaret has an extraordinary architecture and as the name reveals, its able to shake. This minaret moves with force of your hand and its movement is clearly seen. The upper parts of the minaret are covered with wooden coils to preserve the elements and the walls well but it has recently been tilted because of storms and earthquakes, so people have cut the upper part of it down and dropped it in order not to destroy the whole minaret.
The 15-meter shaking minaret of Kharanaq in Yazd is one of the tallest buildings in the area, which was used by caravans as a watching and guarding tower or a place for lanterns to be a leading point to show the way to people, usually at nights.

Kharanaq Historic Village

Why does the minaret shake?

When shaking minarets were being built, a kind of bricks were used that had a higher elasticity than other bricks and caused the vibrations to shake. Interestingly, the shorter the height, the more minarets can shake the entire structure.
In addition to Isfahan and Kharanaq, there are some other shaking minarets in Iran and the world like Ashtarjan Mosque in Isfahan and one of the minarets in Imam Ali mosque, which all can shake and their structure is also very amazing.

Kharanaq Historic Village

Kharanaq Historic Village

Kharanq is a historical and mountainous village. The weather is always colder than Yazd. Kharanaq is about 4500 years old and it has many historical and old places and monuments, so it is one of the best places for tourists to visit. It is a number one tourist attraction in Yazd. Some countries in the world know Iran and Yazd by the name of Kharanaq.
The oldest and the largest castle in Yazd province is located in Kharanaq. Kharanaq Historic Castle is more than 4500 years old in which there are some mud brick two or three floor houses. The other attractions which a traveler or a tourist can find and enjoy in this village are The Old Bridge, The Caravanserai, Mashhadak Mausoleum, public Hammam, Ab anbar, Jame Mosque, Hosseiniyeh, etc.
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