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Kharanaq Village

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City : Ardakan
Address : 85 km east of Ardakan, Ardakan, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : Caravanserai: IRR 50,000

Let's visit one of the historical villages in Yazd which dates back to 4500 years ago, Kharanaq Village. Wishing to steep in history, we must visit Kharanaq Village . Kharanaq means "birthplace of sun". Just step into the village and we will see a large number of historical attractions here and there all through Kharanq Village. Let's trace our way to Kharanaq Citadel. 

Kharanaq Village

Kharanaq Citadel

Let's visit Kharanaq Citadel, one of the most important attractions in Kharanaq Village. Looking at this citadel, we will be amazed how it was once built on top of a hill to protect Yazd originality overlooking the lands around Kharanaq Village .
The citadel includes six watchtowers joint to the body of the citadel. The walls of the citadel are made of mud - brick and the ceilings are covered with bars of wood, and straw .
It is interesting to know that there have been 80 houses in Kharanaq Citadel which was built in two, three or four floors. 

Kharanaq Village
Kharanaq Citadel included terrifying labyrinth alleys and lanes with the purpose of stealing up the thieves and bandits. One of these alleys is known as Kuchey-e Gorg which means wolf lane.
Kharanaq Citadel was registered in Iran National Monuments on March 14, 2005 with registration No. 11509.

Kharanaq Village

Kharanaq Shaking Minaret

Having visited Kharanaq Citadel , we will go to visit Kharanaq Shaking Minaret which is built in three floors made of adobe and mud. You cannot even find a small piece of tile work here.
Kharanaq Shaking Minaret was built in 10 SH in Safavid era. It is said that this minaret is younger than well-known Isfahan Shaking Minaret. However, it is older than the Jame Mosque located next to it.

Kharanaq Village
Kharanaq Shaking Minaret includes two spiral staircase corridors for going up and down the minaret. One of the corridors was used by muezzins and the other one was used by guards. The stairs are 60-70 cm wide down and 40-50 cm wide up. 
Since this shaking minaret with the height of 15 m is the highest building in Kharanaq Citadel , it was also used as a watchtower and a lantern house. 

Kharanaq Village
Interestingly, going up the stairs, we can shake the minaret with our hands against inner walls. The reason for its shaking is not discovered yet, although it shows the intelligence of the architect who built it.
There had been a wooden structure at the top of the minaret which was crooked by earthquake and was removed down by the locals to prevent any possible damage.

Kharanaq Village

Kharanaq Caravanserai

We leave Kharanaq Shaking Minaret for Kharanaq brick Caravanserai which was built in Qajar era under the order of Vali Mirza Prince, son of Fath-Ali Shah. It was used to shelter tired travelers and caravans going to Mashhad and now it is used for star observing.
Kharanaq Caravanserai was registered in Iran National Monuments on February 22, 1999 with registration No. 2238. 

Kharanaq Village
It is interesting to know that the only water bridge in Yazd Province is located in Kharanq Village which we can visit just next to Kharanaq Citadel . This four - mouth bridge with thick pillars and arched vaults was built in Sassanid architecture style with the length of 40 m. The bridge was only built to transfer water from one side of Kaal River to other side.
Interested in nature, let's pay a visit to Dareh-Anjir Protected Area to see animals such as cheetahs, ewes, rams, wild cats, etc.

Kharanaq Village

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