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Saryazd Fortress

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City : Mehriz
Address : Saryazd, Mehriz, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical
Visiting Hours : 8:00 -16:30
Visiting days : Every day
Ticket Fee ( Non Iranian ) : IRR 500,000

Let's visit historical Saryazd Fortress built in Sassanid era (AD 3 to 7).

Saryazd Fortress

Where is Saryazd ?

It is interesting to know that Saryazd is a village in Mehriz and was used to be the entrance to Yazd city in old days and was known as Farafar before Islam.

Saryazd Fortress

The Architecture f Saryazd Fortress

The fortress was built of adobe and mud in three floors with an area of 7790 m2. The first floor was allocated to people from lower class, the second floor to the people in the middle class, and the third floor was allocated to well- to- do and wealthy people. This shows the large population of people living here in old times.
Interestingly, there were two gates for the fortress : a main gate and a security gate. The main gate was opened up toward down to act as a bridge for getting in and out of the fortress . The security gate which was made of metal was closed if enemies had passed through the main gate; so that the guards were able to pour boiling water and molten bitumen over them. The fortress was a safe and secure place for villagers when there was a war.
The fortress had two barriers. The outer barrier with height of 6 m included three round towers and the inner fort with height of 9 m included six garrets. It is interesting to know that edges of the garrets are all knurl with potholes for the soldiers shooting at enemies.

Saryazd Fortress

Amazing Facts about Saryazd Fortress

It is said that this fortress was the oldest and largest a giant safety deposit box in Iran.
The fortress was also used to save grains and foodstuffs which were valuable at that period of time. 
There used to be about 468 rooms and chambers at sides of the corridors, each of which had a separate door and key to keep safe valuables of villagers.
Since the fortress was built in the desert, there was a trench with width of 6 m and depth of 3 - 4 m around it, which was filled with water and covered with straw to protect the fortress against enemies. 

Saryazd Fortress

Saryazd historical Fortress was registered in Iran National Monument on June 17, 1975 with registration No. 1084.
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