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Amir Chakhmaq ( Seti Fatemeh ) Ab Anbar

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City : Yazd
Address : Amir Chakhmaq Square, Yazd
Type of attractions : Historical

About Amir Chakhmaq Ab Anbar

In 845 AH, Bibi Ftemeh known as Seti Fatemeh, Jalal-ud-din Amir Chakhmaq's wife ordered to design an ab anbar ( water reservoir ) beside Amir Chakhmaq Complex. This ab anbar is located beside the historical Complex of Amir Chakhmaq, Hossainieh, and facade of bazaar having a privileged situation.

Amir Chakhmaq Ab Anbar

Other than having a solid and big dome and elevated badgirs which have given glory to the historical Amir Chakhmaq Complex, this complex has a brick decorationless façade which is covered at the beginning. The stairway of the building consists of two open and covert sections.
Amir Chakhmaq Ab Anbar has a repository with a circular architectural plan, an arched roof with zigzag style, and five octagonal badgirs which is among few Ab Anbars in Yazd with five badgirs.
To use the space more efficiently, a dropped ceiling has been installed one meter lower than the height of the alley to build Saheb al- zaman Zurkhane (gymnasium) and its pit.

Amir Chakhmaq Ab Anbar

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