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Kooh Rig ( A Sand Mountain in Mehriz )

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City : Mehriz
Address : Mehriz, yazd
Type of attractions : Natural
Visiting days : Every day
Best Time To Visit : Spring

Kooh Rig of Mehriz , A Charming Sand Mountain in Yazd province

Let’s visit one of the natural attractions of Yazd province, located in Mehriz, the Kooh Rig Mountain.
Kooh Rig is located in Baghdad Abad Sofla district in Mehriz.
Over the years, a hill of clean sand without dust, have accumulated in a form of an enormous hill alongside a mountain to create Kooh Rig of Mehriz and provide a place to entertain tourists and visitors coming to this natural attraction.
Kooh Rig ( A Sand Mountain in Mehriz )

Step into the grit of Sand Mountain of Mehriz

Let's pass through the alleyways of Baghdad Abad district; while, we enjoy seeing the gardens qued alongside the road. Walk on the hot sand and feel the positive energy you can receive from them. The higher we go, the more these hot sands under the sunlight tend to devour our legs out of fatigue. Give a little opportunity to the sand to make you feeling your feet in a warm oven. The sand can take out your pain and fatigue and replace them with heath and warmth. No other place can make you such a comforting sense. It may be true that for many years, the local people believe this sand mountain to be a healing center for arthritis and rheumatism.

Kooh Rig ( A Sand Mountain in Mehriz )
Let's hike Kooh Rig to its summit. When we reach the summit, what we see will astonish us. A desert city with alleyways full of gardens, full of trees, full of green and full of life.

Having climbed down Kooh Rig, take an opportunity to visit the other two attractions located next to this natural place, the dovecote ( pigeon tower ) and the historic Water Reservoir of Kooh Rig of Mehriz .

Kooh Rig ( A Sand Mountain in Mehriz )

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