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Motahari St., Azadi Sq., Yazd
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Mozaffar Traditional Hotel in Yazd is one of the most special houses from Qajar era built in 1888 on the Mozaffar’s orders, a famous merchant of that time, in the historical context of the Khalf-e bagh district of Yazd. This house has been renovated and opened as a hotel-restaurant in 2010 with the same name Mozaffar.
The first entrance of the 3-star Mozaffar Traditional Hotel is a relatively large and traditional lobby that leads you to the courtyard, a vast, royal courtyard, which is more of a historical lush green garden than a courtyard. A garden that has a long blue pond among the trees and remains cold and clean under the shadow of the trees.
The magnificence of the architecture in the Mozaffar traditional hotel can be seen through its traditional elements: the wooden arched windows arranged through high adobe walls decorated by stucco work in karbandy style; the windows in two floors of the house; a wide large hall over where there is a lofty badgir.
The carpeted hall with the couches around the courtyard includes the tea house and traditional restaurant which is a beautiful and very enjoyable place for sitting with a good view of trees and plants, a pleasant smell of the nice aroma of flowers, and song of birds.
The Traditional Mozaffar Hotel in Yazd has 19 rooms and suites with a total of 46 beds which are a combination of traditional and modern designs. The rooms have wooden windows containing colored glasses which reflecting light and color make an image of Persian carpet on the floor. The ceilings of the hotel are arched type. The long niches under the windows are filled with old dishes and books reminding the life in old times and reviving the old air to give their guests a dream. These attractions in the Mozaffar Hotel have made it a safe and comfortable place for the guests to stay, relax and enjoy themselves.
The facilities provided in Mozaffar Traditional Hotel include Internet access, room service, TV, refrigerator, taxi service, and parking lot.
The traditional bazaars and modern malls and shopping centers, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Khan Complex, Masjed-e Jameh, Sayyed Roknadin, etc. are among the historical sites and tourist attractions close to the Mozaffar Hotel in Yazd.
Also, if you are traveling to Yazd for medical purposes; the traditional Mozaffar Hotel in Yazd, which is located near the Shahid Rahnemoun Hospital and the Social Security Clinic, seems a good option.
To book a room in Mozaffar Traditional Hotel, please contact Raadina Support.
While staying in Yazd, you can use Raadina Sightseeing tours and Raadina high quality desert tours.

Nearby attractions to Mozaffar Traditional Hotel
Jame Mosque of Yazd (Masjed-e Jameh) :
7 Min 24 Min
Ateshkade (Fire Temple) :
6 Min 24 Min
Dolat Abad Garden ( Bagh-e Dolat Abad ) :
5 Min 15 Min
Amir Chakhmaq Complex :
6 Min 20 Min
Alexander's Prison :
8 Min 33 Min
Dakhmeh -ye Zartoshtiyun ( Tower of Silence ) :
21 Min 123 Min
Water Museum :
6 Min 17 Min
Mirror & Lighting Museum :
10 Min 61 Min
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Facilities of Mozaffar Traditional Hotel
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