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Shahid Sadouqi Alley, Imam Khomieni St., Yazd
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Narenjestan Traditional House in Yazd functions as a guest house and is located in the historical context of Imam Street. The house dates back to the Qajar era, 200 years ago, which was the home of furriers and was restored in 2015.
Near Narenjestan Traditional House, you will see a wooden door with an adobe board on which the name of the house is carved. Passing through the corridor, you will enter a historic but charming house where you can observe and experience the culture and life style of ancient Iranians. Register a memorable stay in the diary at the reception desk.
Narenjestan Traditional House has 3 rooms, each room has 6 beds, and a special name. The names of the rooms are taken from the culture and life of villagers in Marvast. The theme of this house is agriculture and the name of two rooms of this house are Gandom (wheat) and Taak (grapes) which are agricultural products from Marvast. The other room is named Toranj which is the local carpet plan.
The Taak room in Narenjestan Traditional House lies in a corridor inside which there are shared bathroom and the toilets. Climbing down two steps, you can enter the courtyard. The courtyard is in polygon shape which is continuously refreshed by a small octagon pond surrounded by gardens and chairs which are made from the tree trunks.  
The Wheat room is on the right and Toranj room is on the left side of the courtyard of the house. The rooms have traditional wooden doors, the walls are decorated by adobe and stucco art work, the yard ends with the painted, adorned hall which gives it the glory and sense of being ancient.
The Wheat room is known as Shahneshin, a Korsi lies in its middle and some cushions, an old cupboard, an oil cooking stove and the traditional crockery are around the room. These old stuff revive the memories of old life style of people living here.
The facilities in Narenjestan Traditional House in Yazd include restaurants, traditional tea house, free Internet access, room services, and English-speaking hosts.
Tourist attractions and historical sites close to this traditional House are Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Water Museum, Khan Complex, Traditional Bazaars of Yazd, Hazireh Mosque, etc. Also, if you travel to Yazd to receive medical services; Narenjestan Traditional House that is located near medical centers and hospitals is a good option.
To book a room in Narenjestan Traditional House, please contact Raadina Support.
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