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Mahdi St., Yazd
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Khesht Abad Hotel in Yazd is a house dating back to about 150 years ago which was renovated in 2015 as an ecolodge. This house belongs to the Rahmanian family, and since it leads to Khestmal Abad Hosseiniyeh, it has been named as Khesht Abad Hotel in Yazd.
This hotel has a beautiful traditional wooden door. When you open the door, there’s a traditional vestibule leading to a corridor ending to the courtyard of the house. At the center of the courtyard, there is a large blue pond surrounded by flowers, vases and tall trees.  
Inside the courtyard, opposite the corridor, you see the reception and lobby of Khesht Abad Hotel. On the right side of the reception, there is a high hall where a samovar is always boiling and tea is constantly ready and free for the guests.
The Yazd Khesht Abad Hotel is a place to welcome guests of the hotel with traditional food and herbal beverages. The cooked meals in the Khesht Abad restaurant are completely traditional and fresh with the special taste of traditional Iranian cuisine. The dishes served here have attracted the attention of Iranian and international tourists and visitors.
In some occasions, if you want to use the buffet, you need to reserve it in advance. The tour leaders also must order and reserve food for their groups before their arrival.
The Guest House of Khesht Abad has 7 rooms with 19 semi-traditional beds that are located around the courtyard. All rooms are traditionally renovated to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for the guests, and create the image of the traditional life and the simple and happy life style of the old times.
The facilities and services provided in Khesht Abad Hotel in Yazd include the free Internet access, herbal drinks, TV, room service, laundry, a traditional tea house and English-speaking staff who are happily ready to help the guests.
There are a large number of tourist attractions and historic sites near Khesht Abad Hotel as it is located in the historic part of Yazd. Some of these attractions are Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Mased-e Jameh, Clock Tower, Alexander’s Prison, Vaqt Al-Sa'at Square; Wildlife Refuge Park; Heydarzadeh Museum of Coin, Khan Complex.
Also, if you are traveling to Yazd for medical services; the traditional Khesht Abad Hotel in Yazd located near medical centers and hospitals in Yazd, is a good option.
To book a room in Khesht Abad Hotel, please contact Raadina Support.
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Nearby attractions to Khesht Abad Hotel
Jame Mosque of Yazd (Masjed-e Jameh) :
2 Min 7 Min
Ateshkade (Fire Temple) :
10 Min 41 Min
Dolat Abad Garden ( Bagh-e Dolat Abad ) :
3 Min 10 Min
Amir Chakhmaq Complex :
0 Min 10 Min
Alexander's Prison :
4 Min 15 Min
Dakhmeh -ye Zartoshtiyun ( Tower of Silence ) :
23 Min 140 Min
Water Museum :
2 Min 9 Min
Mirror & Lighting Museum :
12 Min 67 Min
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Facilities of Khesht Abad Hotel
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