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The Best Hotels in Yazd

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The Best Hotels in Yazd The Best Hotels in Yazd

The Best Hotels in Yazd

Yazd was recently registered in UNESCO as a world heritage city for its adobe buildings and intact texture. Annually Yazd attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Kind people of Yazd who are famous for their hospitality have provided hotels to welcome and host these tourists warmly. Therefore, modern hotels were built. Moreover, to make the tourists feel the life in historical houses and view the glory of history, a large number of historical houses were turned into traditional hotels and lodgings having modern facilities. Interestingly, most of these historical houses and hotels are located in the historic city of Yazd and are just close to many tourist and historic sites. 
Here, we introduce some of the best hotels in Yazd hoping that tourists can enjoy the best accommodations in Yazd.

The Best Hotels in Yazd


The First Traditional Garden Hotel in Iran, This 4-star hotel is located in the historic part of Yazd and is an ancient garden from Qajar era with the width of 1300 square meters. Outstanding trees, ponds, fountains, flowing streams, flowers and trees making the courtyard of Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel unique, indescribable and attractive to many tourists.
Throughout the beautiful garden of Moshir al Mamalek Hotel, you can enjoy the pleasing singing of birds, the delicate sound of water, special desert architectural style of the buildings. All through the hotel, there are comfortable and relaxing rooms fully equipped with modern amenities. The rooms have circular brick ceilings similar to old mosque designs, and the plastered walls are decorated with full of wall-hangings like Meybod potteries, cobblestones and colored mirrored wooden windows. Here, you can enjoy a small handicraft shop, a traditional restaurant with a variety of traditional cuisine, a tea house, and a modern coffee shop at the end of the garden.
It is interesting to know that the Moshiral al-Mamlek Garden Hotel has been registered in the list of National Iranian Monuments and it is close to the tourist attractions and important historical monuments in Yazd such as Dolat Abad Garden, Sayyed Jafar Mausoleum,  Baran Desert Camp, Sinbad Desert Camp, and etc. 

The Best Hotels in Yazd

Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

Is one of the best hotels in Yazd, with well-known history in the field of hotel and tourism. The four-star Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel is built in two parts of the garden hotel and new hotel. If you want to experience staying in a hotel with a combination of modern and traditional architecture and high quality services, we offer you Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel.
The new Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel in Yazd includes three floors with 105 rooms and suites and was built in 2007.
Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel is equipped with modern facilities including three restaurants, two coffee shops and a Italian glass coffee shop, a handicraft shop, safety-deposit box, and accessible rooms for disabled people.
Safaiyeh Hotel is located near some historic sites and tourist attractions of Yazd including Zoroastrian Tower of Silence, Mirror and Lighting Museum, Ateshkadeh. As this hotel is located in the modern part of the city, it is also close to many alluring parks, movie theaters, recreational centers, malls, and shopping centers.

Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel
Fahadan Hotel

The First Museum Hotel in Iran, One of the four Mehr Chain Hotels in Yazd is Fahadan Museum Hotel located in the heart of old city of Yazd. This ancient monument is the first museum hotel in Iran and a memorial of architectural style of the Qajar era. This hotel is already registered as a National Iranian Monument.
Fahadan Museum Hotel in Yazd has 28 rooms ( sedari and panjdari, rooms with 3 and 5 doors), which in total the hotel has 75 beds. A stunning Shahneshin room (where the king settles) with two dedicated badgirs is among the special elements of this mansion. Fahadan Museum Hotel, while preserving its traditional texture is equipped with modern facilities. The hotel has three courtyards including Narenjestan, Kolah Farangi (Pavilion), and the main courtyard.
As Fahadan Museum Hotel is located in old city of Yazd, there are lots of tourist attractions around it such as Khan-e Lari, Abolfazl Zurkhaneh, Masjed Jame, Sayyed Roknadin Mausoleum, Alexander's Prison, etc.

The Best Hotels in Yazd

Dad Hotel

The 4-star Dad Hotel, a luxury hotel with traditional architecture, is located in the heart of the historical context of the ancient city of Yazd. The building of this traditional hotel dates back to 1928. 
The 4-star Dad Hotel is restored in 2007 in 3 floors which has 2 suits, 88 bedrooms and 188 beds. While maintaining its traditional design and structure, it is fully equipped with modern amenities. 
The long-standing friendship of the clay and the bricks along with arches, vaults, light-wells, lattice windows in each corner of the building, as well as a beautiful garden in the center of courtyard give special effects and beauty to the hotel's architecture. Dad Hotel is close to historic sites and tourist attractions in Yazd such as Ateshkade, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Markar Complex, Kuwaiti Shopping Mall, Setareh Mall, and etc.
If you are looking for a luxury and traditional hotel in the historic city of Yazd, we do recommend you Dad Hotel.

The Best Hotels in Yazd

Arg-e- Jadid Hotel

One of the most modern hotels in Yazd is Arg-e- Jadid 4-star Hotel located in modern part of the city with 64 rooms and 4 VIP suites.
Arg-e- Jadid Hotel in unique location away from the city center having the beautiful scenery of Shirkuh mountains makes your trip to historic city of Yazd special and unique. 
The modern Arg-e- Jadid Hotel in Yazd is close to some of historical monuments and tourist sites in this old city such as Mirror and Lighting Museum, Tower of Silence, Azadegan Park, Aria Mall, and Yazd Airport.

To book a room in Arg-e- Jadid Hotel, please click here.

The Best Hotels in Yazd

Khan-e Dohad Traditional Hotel

Khan-e Dohad 3-star Hotel with the width of 700 meter was originally a mansion which dates back to the Qajar era and was opened as a traditional hotel after reconstruction in 2014. The mudbrick walls with embossed gypsum keep traditional wooden windows. The frames all around the yard filled with some antique and old potteries and lanterns give special beauty to the courtyard. 
This hotel has 36 modern and traditional rooms with 120 beds. The facilities and features the hotel include room services, internet, bathroom, TV, elevator, laundry, billiard room, and English-speaking staff.
Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Water Museum, traditional bazaars, Masjed-e Jameh, Bogheh-ye Sayyed Roknaddin, Hazire Mosque and etc. are some of the historical and tourist sites close to the traditional Khan-e Dohad Hotel.
To book a room in Khan-e Dohad Traditonal Hotel, please click here.

The Best Hotels in Yazd

Fazeli Hotel

Fazeli 3-star international Hotel with an area of 800 square meter dates back to the two periods of Safavid and Qajar. In 2016, the house turned into a traditional hotel and Since then, it has been active as a popular hotel.
After entering the traditional Fazeli Hotel in Yazd, you will see a three-story building with two small and large badgirs. The features of building are in a symmetry and harmony which reflects the originality of the house. There is a blue pond with gardens having flowers in pink and red which provides a really nice natural scene to the guests and visitors.
A coffee shop on the rooftop of Fazeli Hotel is also one of the most beautiful open-air restaurants in Yazd. 
Fazeli Hotel with 16 rooms and 44 beds is very close to Jame Mosque, Alexander's Prison, Heidarzadeh Coin Museum, Traditional Bazaars, Hazireh Mosque and many other historic sites.
To book a room in Fazeli Hotel, please click here.

The Best Hotels in Yazd

Traditional Kohan Hotel

Traditional Kohan Hotel with an old architectural style is located in the heart of historic neighborhood of Fahadan in Yazd. This house used to be Mr. Taslim’s House which was turned into a traditional hotel and opened in 2004.
The 2-star Kohan Hotel is made of adobes and mudbricks. The prominent parts of the hotel include the Payab of the Qanat and the rooftop overlooking the badgirs of the old city of Yazd. The traditional Kohan Hotel has in total 16 rooms and 45 beds, all rooms are equipped with a toilet, bathroom, a TV, and a refrigerator.
The traditional Kohan hotel has facilities such as a restaurant with different cuisines, a lobby, a taxi service, and a parking lot.
Just near the Kohan Hotel, there are historic places and tourist attractions such as Khan-e Lari House, Alexander's Prison, Tomb of the 12 Imams , the Heydarzadeh Museum of Coin and Anthropology, Masjed-e Jameh, etc.

The Best Hotels in Yazd

To book a room in Traditional Kohan Hotel, please click here.


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