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Gharbalbiz Spring

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City : Mehriz
Address : 10 Km Mehriz -Yazd Road , Yazd
Type of attractions : Natural
Visiting Hours : 24/7
Visiting days : Everyday
Best Time To Visit : Spring

Gharbalbiz Waterfall in Mehriz

Gharbalbiz Spring with a good heavenly weather is a natural attraction in the middle of the dessert located between Mehriz and Yazd . It's called Gharbalbiz meaning because there are a lot of holes in the skirt of Gharbalbiz Mountain . Showering seasons revive the river and attracts everybody down to this watery river which awards them with entertainments such as yachting and fishing.

Gharbalbiz Spring
Gharbalbiz Spring is situated at the skirt of some part of Shirkooh heights and it is one of the two important springs in Yazd. A kind of plant called sagebrush grows around the spring which seems to surround the spring. When water flows from the 40-meter holes in the depth of the mountain, the plant drowns in the clean and cool water. Supplying the main amount of water for Mehriz and Yazd agriculture, this watery spring has made local agriculture affluence and local farmers happy.

Gharbalbiz Spring

Why Gharbalbiz ?

Some believe the spring is called Gharbalbiz (bolter) because of the way water moves out through the stones and the others believe that it is because of a reticular and sponge shaped texture of the bottom layer of Gharbalbiz Lake which in both cases, the way water moves out from the holes is like a bolter.

Gharbalbiz Spring

History of Gharbalbiz River and Gharbalbiz Spring

Archeology diggings began in 2002 and lasted for 75 days. Based on the archeological evidences, Gharbalbiz monument is one of the most ancient attractions left from Parthian dynasty in Yazd and in the central part of Iran. The variety of architectural styles and the graveyard found in this area verifies its ancient age.

Gharbalbiz Spring

The features of Gharbalbiz Spring

The estimated area of Gharbalbiz spring is 10 square kilometers and the most amount of water flow of the spring which is related to the spring season is 1270 liter/sec.
The clarity of the water has never diminished and has firmly kept its originality. The interesting point is that although the water comes out of the mountain, it has some Iran cave barbs (a kind of fish) which have spawned and grown in the depth of the ground and mountain for centuries and are food resources for kingfishers coming from south to north in the migration season. 

Gharbalbiz Spring

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