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Shams Alley, Kashani St., Yazd
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A completely Zoroastrian house is named after the famous Zoroaster’s aphorisms (good thinking, good speech, good deed). The time of the construction of the Seneek original house is not exactly clear, but as evidences show, it is estimated to be built more than 200 years ago.
The house belonged to the family of Zoroastrians named Yeganegi, renovated and opened as a traditional lodge in 2004. Seneek Home has 3 courtyards (outer, inner, Narenjestan) as well as a basement. The vestibule has platforms all around for people to sit and rest if they have just a short meeting. The vestibule is decorated with pretty Karbndy designs, natural light and it is the first interesting scene of the traditional Seneek Home in Yazd. The vestibule from one direction ends to the reception room and from the other direction goes to the lobby and courtyards, basement and the roof.
Thirteen 3-door and 5-door rooms contain 15 beds for the guests. The rooms have traditionally designed walls and domed roofs. With traditional walls and domed roofs as mentioned earlier, the structure and design of the Seneek home is Zoroastrian style, and each of the rooms has a genuine Iranian and Zoroastrian name such as Kaveh, Goshtasb, Giv, Gordafarid, Esfandiar, Roodabeh, Azardokht, Cyrus, Ario Barzen, Anahita, Pour and Chista, Mitra and Darius.
The basement of Seneek Home which is the 200-square meter large, is used as a beautiful gallery of paintings and photographs of artists.
Facilities provided at the Seneek Home include TV, Internet, bathrooms and western-style toilets, room service, a massage salon, private parking lot and fluent English-speaking staff.
Some tourist attractions and historic sites close to Seneek Home of Yazd are Ateshkadeh, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Yazd traditional bazaars, Khan Complex and Yazd medical centers and hospitals like Mortaz, Mojibian, Shahid Rahnemoon, Goodarz and etc.
To book a room in traditional Seneek Home of Yazd, please contact Raadina Support.
While staying in Yazd, you can use Raadina Sightseeing tours and Raadina high quality desert tours.

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