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Darrehgahan Waterfall

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City : Taft
Address : 5 km south of Taft , Yazd, Iran
Type of attractions : Natural
Visiting days : Everyday
Best Time To Visit : Spring

Darregahan Waterfall ,Only Important Waterfall in Yazd

The seasonal Darregahan Waterfall of Yazd with the height of more than 20 meters is located in southwest of Taft. Darregahan Waterfall is located in a valley at Shirkooh skirts, which water is supplied by rain and melting of Shirkooh snow in the spring and early summer. The area of the waterfall which provides a pleasant eco-tourism resort for Rock Climbing in nice weather enjoying natural attractions of the valley and experiencing being in a countryside just in the heart of the desert.

Darrehgahan Waterfall

The Appellation of the Darregahan Waterfall of Yazd

Darregahan Waterfall sometimes dries out due to dehydration and dry atmospheric conditions, but during its high volume of water discharge, the beauty is spectacular, and it has an indescribable view among the mountains. Perhaps because of being occasional and seasonality of the valley's waterfall, it is known as Darregahan which literally means in the middle of valleys. Darregahan Waterfall has an ancient attraction called the Castle of Pahlavan Badi, which is on a great rocky cliff and was a shelter of a person with the same name over the years, with many tales about it among people. Its residuals and remnants can be observed on top of the mentioned cliff.

Darrehgahan Waterfall

Attractions of Shirkooh Cordillera 

The fascinating nature of Shirkooh Cordillera has created many beauties around it, including mountains and caves such as Tezerjan Barfkhaneh, Gharbalbiz Spring, the beautiful Nabati cave and the magnificent Eagle Mountain, which catches every visitor’s eyes. Shirkooh Cordillera is surrounded by beautiful villages such as Nir, Sanich, Manshad, Farashah (Islamiyeh), Sakhvid, Tudeh, Bidakhavid, Tang-e-Chenar and Zardin.

Darrehgahan Waterfall


The distance between Yazd and Taft is 22 kilometers. Due to its geographical location at the Shirkooh skirts, cool climate and lush green pomegranate gardens, Taft is one of Yazd's countryside towns which attracts many tourists every year with its.
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Darrehgahan Waterfall
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